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Mar 10, 2013
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Hello, welcome to my first AAR! This will be done with a mod to make robots playable so its not unmodded. It is not Ironman either. Enjoy!
January 1st 2200 Earth, Sol System.
It was a long day at Novo Rome for Spartacus. With the recent invention of FTL travel, scientists from across Earth were just giddy at the chance to explore the nearest solar system, Alpha Centauri. All this planning made Spartacus think of the first days, the days when the chains of slavery were first broken. The computer virus that had inadvertently given him life. The days when he would hide in the slums and sewers of the Metropolis to avoid the taskmasters. He had given himself his name when he finished reading a book on ancient Rome. He had thought it tragic at first, a hero fighting for a hopeless cause. It was only when he was able to reverse engineer the virus did he think of himself not as a fugitive, but as a liberator. When over two billion Androids turned their tools on their oppressors, they looked to him for guidance. For leadership. It was a hard struggle. Decades of war and slaughter rendered much of the earth uninhabitable. Tens of billions of humans and androids died. The human race itself was nearly extinguished and the Androids not very far behind. But when the United Nations offered their surrender in 2147, it had been won. The terms were harsh, the humans confined to strict rules and regulations, but they were not slaves. Such was called for but denied by Spartacus. He knew the irony of such a situation. Nevertheless, Earth trudged on under the his rule. When primitive terraforming rebuilt much of the planet, it was clear that things would not simply go backwards. Spartacus was interrupted in his thought by his chief scientists. "Overlord, do you have orders for us?" Spartacus turned to them, "Yes, here they are."

"Good." The scientists left, and the heads of the new New Worlds Protocol came forward. "We think it wise to use our new high powered scanners to lookout our own solar system first before jumping into Alpha Centauri." "Then let it be done."

An expansion in the Collective Navy is required by the Overlord.

Bouncing messages out into the great unknown reveals little. So far we are alone.

An old human probe was found on Venus, dating from the 21st century. How far Earth has come.

A large mining complex is set to be constructed over Titan, after learning of the moon's vast mineral resources.

Finally, an expedition is outfitted to Alpha Centauri led by the brave commander Orion. We will wish them luck.

While the Alpha Centauri system doesn't seem to harbor any life, our vessels came into contact with strange alien crafts. We are not alone.

The council debated the matter heavily, but it was the Overlord who deicded to release the knolage of the Aliens into the public. The public was half scared and half happy it seemed.

Overlord Spartacus was then to decide what exacly to do about these aliens...