Designing new ships outdates all other ships on that hull type. Vanilla bug or mod bug?

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Oct 7, 2018
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As the post says. I have 3 cruiser designs I work with: a heavy cruiser, a light cruiser, and a tier 1 CL minelayer. Every time I try to modernize the design of the light cruiser, the heavy cruiser design and the minelayer get marked as outdated, and vice versa

It's easy enough to unmark them, but it's rather annoying. I have several mods, so I figured I'd ask here before hunting: Is this something that happens in vanilla, or is it one of the mods that is doing this?
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Probably not mod related; here recently the same issue was reported for the modded game as bug (no official label/word yet):

Probably not mod related; here recently the same issue was reported for the modded game as bug (no official label/word yet):

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In my experience, the game won't obsolete ships that use a different symbol (i.e. stock CAs use the gun symbol, CLs use the shield symbol, etc). I'd prefer not obsoleting different types of ships, but it's something.
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I've seen the same thing with cruiser subs vs standard subs. I build cruiser subs for the Pacific, and normal subs for the Atlantic, and when I upgraded the cruiser subs it obsoleted the normal subs. Thankfully, it's just a quick click to put them back to 'current'.
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I believe this was raised a long time ago and it is definitely a feature of the game and it has got worse. With MIOs and ships set on auto upgrade it is worse as new models appear to being produced even though the ship specification is totally identical. Unfortunately you need to go back into your existing models and unflag the obsolete status on the ships you consider not obsolete.
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