Deleted aps file and still cannot load

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Jul 9, 2020
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Good morning,
Please please help.

I love this game and miss it very much.
I cannot load AOW 3. I have:
Deleted and reinstalled three times.
Tried to change usernames and passwords (successfully done though it did not help the game)
Deleted the aps file numerous times
Tried to use offline guest and online as well (have deleted aps file from both)

Strangely, my launcher window is also now incredibly tiny.

I am including images of my profile folder without aps file, the tiny launcher window and the error message I receive.

I can also send you a screenshot of how many hours I played it in the past. It's a lot. Please, please, help.


  • age of wonders 3 launcher.PNG
    age of wonders 3 launcher.PNG
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  • age of wonders 3 profile folder with aps file deleted.PNG
    age of wonders 3 profile folder with aps file deleted.PNG
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  • age of wonders error message.PNG
    age of wonders error message.PNG
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