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Nov 24, 2013
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Delete an upgrade only

Steps to reproduce​

Cant delete just an upgrade have to delete entire building

Expected Result​

I would love to be able to just delete an upgrade

Actual Result​

Now we have to delete the entire building

Game Version​


Affected Feature​

  • Gameplay


  • Microsoft Store (Xbox)

Additional Information​

Additional Information​

Right now we cant delete just an upgrade of a building but instead we have to delete the entire building and that makes no sense at all and is also very annoying. Please fix this

Save Game​

Other Attachments​

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I don't think this classifies as a bug really because I don't think they added the ability to be able to that (by all means correct me if I'm wrong). Having said that I agree and hope they allow this in the future.
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Hello and thank you for the report! As of right now having to bulldoze the entire building instead of just the sub-upgrade is As Designed. However, I will pass on the feedback to the development team. Have a great day!
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Add another voice to that request. I wanted to move the playground on the elementary school to the other side of the building, but I could only move the entire building, so I went to bulldoze that playground... well. No dice. Again, whole building. :/
Did that, but grr, it gets rid of all the students and whatnot.
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I checked with the designers and we'll be looking into the building upgrades at some point in the future. Thank you for the feedback!
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How is this marked "as designed". I misplaced one upgrade and now I have to remove the whole building to fix this? Dumb game design if you ask me.
I don't understand this decision either. We want a city simulation that is as realistic as possible and we can't tear down parts of buildings, but we can simply move entire buildings. :)
"As designed" means the program code does what it was intended to. It means, it is not a bug. A bug is code that is not doing what it should.

I fully agree, however, that the design is very bad here, so the design must be changed to allow users to delete upgrade modules without deleting the whole building.
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"As designed" is a typical response from an overworked and frustrated programmer / designer :D

We did get a response from co_martsu indicating a desire to look into it in future though! <3
You're also completely unable to "Rebuild" burned down or weather ruined additions, necessitating a wipe and repurchasing of the service building in question, very frustrating!
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I placed an upgrade on wrong location and have to delete and rebuild it.. This is even worse for recycle centers and landfills etc as it causes pollution on group unless i move trash first.
Add possibility to remove upgrade and MOVE UPGRADE.
If its "As Designed" then its TERRIBLE DESIGNED.
Instead remove TAXI STOP from Train Station I have to REMOVE WHOLE TRAIN STATION???
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