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Aug 24, 2008
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I don't know how well the console version of Stellaris will sell. I'm sure that Paradox will continue to produce excellent games for PC (and Mac) so I'm hoping for good sales, despite the fact that I feel many console gamers are too much "instant gratification" types to truly enjoy the games. (As a console gamer, I mostly play casual games and roleplaying games, so I'm a bit different, and proof that there IS a demographic that might buy this on consoles. I won't, because I have it on PC, but still....)

I'm not a programmer, but as I understand it, programming on consoles is very different from programming on PCs, so wouldn't those bugs be handled differently, by different teams, different people, with different specialties? Anyway, if there are huge sales on consoles, will the bug forum be flooded by XBox and Playstation users with their own bugs and their own problems that the console team will have to deal with, or will there be a dedicated console version bug forum?