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Dec 21, 2011
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Playing as Osaka, Divided Realism mod.

I attacked an enemy in a neutral territory, a siege by the AI against another clan, and upon declaring war with the same clan, with no units in the territory, I have to spend another 25 honor.

I believe I've accidentally replicated this by simply passing through neutral territory to chase down an enemy, and declaring war years later, would result in the same persistent penalty.

This should be a .zip of the game in question.

Play as Osaka, declare war on Chikazane (sp) on the territory in the picture who leads Clan Nagano and you will see the -25 honor penalty in question. I zoomed all the way out, used the mouse to select all units of mine for all of mainland Japan, directed them to move to one of my kori, advanced the game 6 months, the penalty persists. declare war bug 1.04 with Divided Realism save.jpg

I have not had the problem before, or since, with other save games/with other mods. It may be a bug inherent to this particular game.
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