Dear Devs: Could we get more/unhardcoded UserColors?

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Apr 25, 2009
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As we know, DH allows us to customize map colors using colorscales.csv. This is fine, after all we can use rgb values, which vastly simplifies the process.

However, there is a problem that feels rather primitive. We cannot create UserColors to our hearts' content, being limited only to 6 or so. This is rather primitive, considering how Darkest Hour is such a great advancement of modding power. This means that inevitably, lots of nations will end up sharing map colors.

Perfectly, it would be excellent to see the possibility of creating unlimited UserColors, or at least, more UserColors. Say, up to 50. Or as many UserColors as there are tags?

I do not know how viable this feature is, but I know it would be pretty great to see it with the next patch.