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May 19, 2009
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playing czechoslovakia in 1936


blitz into hungary gets a dow from italy and a counter dow from germany. i ally german and attack austria.

allies dow germany.

i take all territory north of rome and all of france (my 4 tanks do wonders).

the german ai was facing the magiot and it was in the 30s so i didnt notice its passivity (it sent me some divisions too).

it refused to mop up the magiot and part of the siegfried line all the way to friedrichshafen and i had to kill 5 strength divisions (outta supply for months).

i fire poland manually. i have to use full control to manually control the german forces (they have more IC than me).

they dow denmark with an overwhelming force on its border. they dont advance a single province.

they dow belgium/netherlands/lux. i have to FC again.

they left 1 division guarding against denmark. it has taken wihelmshaven. they have 5 divisions total and the german ai sits there.

they will do the same for russia i suspect. wtf is going on here. they wont even take EMPTY provinces. breaking history is 1 thing. the ai dying is another. theyre at war with italy btw (i took the rest of the boot).