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Just both diplomacy for 5$. But don`t know if i`ll bother try it. From reading some of the threads... it sounds like it is a crappy game. Worth trying it?
As a single player Diplomacy is fun game when you don't have much time to play and want to play something quick.

Unfortunately AI is not very smart, so once you learn the game it's easy to win. But if you manage to find human players to play against you then it's as challenging as the board game.
Multiplayer Diplomacy LAN with Hamachi


I am having some issues with Diplomacy. I would like to run a VPN with the program Hamachi so I can play diplomacy with my friends in different parts of Canada. Is there some kind of patch I need. When I run an actual LAN diplomacy can find hosted games and connect to them. This issue is that when I use hamachi it does not see the VPN members. Any suggestions have you heard of this before? Another question is it possible to direct connect to someones IP with Diplomacy. If you are wondering why I am not using your metaserver....it is because after i registed the game I asked some people to try and sort out my issue of not being able to connect to the metaserver....but they stopped responding....i don't care either way - i just want to play with people over the net and hamachi seemed the best way to go.

Here is a list of standard questions you will ask so I will tell you that I have done them:
1) Windows Firewall Off
2) Norton Firewall Disabled
3) Modem/Router (DMZ)
4) Ping successful between users of Hamachi (Version beta - we updated and it still didn't work so went back)
5) Ping successful between IPs in command prompt (i.e. computers are open and able to communicate with one another)

Any questions, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I realize that you do not support Hamachi and that is a variable you cannot control but maybe you have some ideas.

Here is my theory: Diplomacy LAN works on an actual LAN. All ports are open and computers can ping one another. When Diplomacy searchs the "LAN" it is going to look at the computers IP address for me. This is the local IP given to my computer (HP Pavilion Entertainment PC) by my modem/router (Gigaset SE567). I am running Windows XP. I get the impression that when Diplomacy searchs for other computers it only searches for computers with these IPs 192.168.1.X. I am in the process of trying to bridge the connections my Wireless and Hamachi (it creates its own adapter). I am at my wits end.


I am uncertain about whether there is any way to get it to work.

Does anyone else have any suggestions already, or do I have to try to find a programmer? (They are very busy with HoI3 at the moment, so chances are slim..)
The Diplomacy programmers (those that remain, that is)

Although I think Paradox commonly uses similar solutions, so asking in the EU2 or EU3 MP section might get you some help. (Might want to PM a local moderator over there first and ask if it would be acceptable for you to do so.)