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Sep 28, 2009
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Hi Everyone!

So we decided to reveal some of the patch material last week and I think we can do that every other week from now on (until announcement obviously, after that you’ll get info on features every week up until release).

This week I’d like to ask your opinion on something related to design instead. As you know, we sometimes want to add soft barriers to our games. The demesne limit is one such barrier, ie you can hold more counties than it, but they’ll be less efficient so it’s often suboptimal to do so. I think this is a pretty ok way of letting players play the game like they want to, while telling you that the intention is to not go past this line (or not far past it at least). For you who played Sengoku, you might remember vassals asking for titles and getting angry if you didn’t hand them out which was a quick solution to a similar problem. In the Sengoku case, players who didn’t follow the rules usually got irritated by the constant spam of vassals asking for titles (and if you were way past the limit, you’d get it all the time). The solution was obviously not a good one. What I personally prefer when possible, is to give the player’s that follow the rules some kind of bonus instead.

So the question I’d like to ask you is:

What kind of bonus would you like to see as a trade off for limiting yourself in the game? The limit could be anything here, demesne limit is already taken care of so think of other stuff.

Related to that question:
If you could add optional limits that would give you bonuses, what type of limits would you like to see?
This could be anything from having all your titles and vassals as within the dejure of your primary title, or always making sure to be married to a daughter of the Byzantine emperor.


A small spoiler from an interface Work-In-Progress.
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