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Aug 11, 2008
Das Gafallene Reich


This will be my first attempt at an AAR so I hope everyone will like it. "Das Gafallene Reich" translates into: The Fallen Empire.

Das Gefallene Reich will be a story-type AAR depicting the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empires over the course of time. It will follow the story of Austrian Military Families and simple people who lived, fought and died for the empire in her moments of glory and to into her darkest hours. This will be an indepht AAR I hope about the First World War using the 1914 mod and then edit the outcomes of the First World War into the 1936 mod and continue the story at this point picking up where the 1914 mod left off.

There will be opening introductions then we'll dip directly into the actions of the First World War and beyound, to the either the rise or fall of Austria-Hungary in the Great War to the wake of the Second World War and the chaos that brakes out either in the Austrian Empire or just Austria. I'll be open to any suggestions, comments, critiscm so please leave any comment you want about this AAR and I hope you all enjoy Das Gefallene Reich: Imperial Austria (1914-??).

The stories you will follow will be the stories of the soldiers, men, women, and children of the Austrian Empire. Those who served and died for the glory of the Kaiser and those who lived in the aftermath of the Great War and the national awakenings after the Great War.


Chapter II: The Day we Remember
-The Heart of Vienna
-Heinrich von Freiburg
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Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March


Heinrich von Freiberg was born in 1894 and was a young and brash gentleman who lived and grew up on a small Croatian farm under the influence of the Austrian Empire. His father, Peter von Freiberg served his Imperial Majesty during the Italian Wars and was present at the tragic battle of Solferino. There he saved the Kaiser, Francis-Josef I as he knocked him off his horse to keep the French artillery from spotting him and attempting to kill the Emperor of Austria.

After the Austrian defeat at Solferino, Franz-Josef I would never lead his armies in battle again. He always thought the worst would happen to his Imperial Army, that it would always be defeated in battle. The long and tragic reign of Francis-Josef marked the slow decline of the Austrian Empire and the Habsburg dominance in Central Europe. Eventually the Austro-Russian Split and the inability to deal with internal crises and the embarressment of the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 led to the Austro-Hungarian Comprimise of 1867 changing the Austrian Empire into the Austro-Hungarian Empire and marked the fall of the German Confederation and the unity of the Prussian Kingdom as she replaced Austria as the dominant German power, never since the Holy Roman had a single German Empire been so powerful.

Peter von Freiberg was knighted after his heroics at the Battle of Solferino and the family enjoyed minor nobility in the years that would follow. The tragic death of Crown Prince Rudolf led to the rise of Franz Ferdinand von Hohenberg in becoming the heir-presumptive of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Heinrich von Freiberg joined the Imperial Zagreb Academy in 1912 to serve in the KuK like his father before him. His close friend Leopold von Ruth was a member of the Imperial Guard for Franz Ferdinand on his tragic trip to Sarajevo in the summer of 1914.

1914 was a tragic year not only for the Habsburgs and the Austro-Hungarian Empire and her peopel, also a tragic year for the rest of Europe. The events after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand spelled chaos for the rest of Europe, soon the whole of Europe would be engulfed in the deadliest conflict the world had so far ever seen in the Great War. The war would shake Europe to her very cores and lead to the rise of new weapons and tactics that spelled the death for millions of soldiers of the Central Powers and the Entente Powers.

Heinrich von Freiberg would join the KuK Armee and fight against the terrible Serbs in the early months of 1914 and then into the dark younders of the East and against Imperial Russia.

The War had a disasterius affect on the poor Austro-Hungarian Empire, overall the weakest of the Big 5 of Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, France and Austria-Hungary and then the following suits of Italy, Spain and the Ottoman Empire. The war and its effects on the empire will be told out by the very people who fought and lived through the sad and tragic years of the war. The Pappenheim March begins here, 1914 days before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

Chapter I: Archduke Franz Ferdinand

"Is everything ready for my departure for Sarajevo tomorrow Herr Oberst?"

"Yes your majesty. Is your wife Her royal highness Sophie coming with you?"

"Ja, Herr Oberst, she is dispite my protests that she should stay and care for the children. But she insists on coming along and that we shall do everything together."

"Your Majesty what of Imperial Guards will they come along?"

"Not really, I have insurances from the Governor Oskar Potiorek that the Bosnian Police and Austrian soldiers stationed at Sarajevo will be more than enough to protect from any so-called radicals."

"What of Lt. Leopold von Ruth?"

"No. He's coming with us, he's my personal bodyguard, he follows me everywhere I must go. The Bosnians will see that the Habsburg Empire loves them just as they do to all their subjects."

"How can you be so sure, not all of the Germans love us, just look at the Prussians and what they've done to us in the past."

"Look at them now, our closest brothers, our closest allies. God speed, do away with the Italians they're traitors, they love Germany for appeasment but they don't like us one bit. Herr Oberst, take care of my children while I'm gone I'll be back within a week or so." Archduke Franz Ferdinand climbed into a Daimlar driven by Oberst Arthur Dannecker and guarded in the back seat by his personal and loyal friend and guard Leopold von Ruth.

"How are things going today your majesty?"

Archduke Franz Ferdinand laughs at the question presented before him by his close friend and bodyguard. "Things are going fantastic lieutantant. How about you?"

"Oh the usual," smiles Leopold and asks about his wife, "Are we picking up your wife sir?"

"No, she'll meet us at the rally point, then she'll be with us. Until then its just you, me and Oberst Dannecker upfront driving this lovely car that our gracious Kaiser has presented us with."

"I'm the only Imperial Guardsman coming with you then, aren't I?"

"What makes you think this Leo?"

"Come on, there's no reason to try and hide the truth, I'm the only out and in parade uniform."

"Then yes, you are the only with me on this great journey to Sarajevo. The peoples will see the Kaiser and the Ruling-class do indeed care about their subjects. That's the problem with this Monarchy, no love for the minors especially Czech, Polish and Serb the most important to the empire. The ethnic Germans and Hungarians and too some degree Slovenes and Croatians have always enjoyed the power in government. When I'm Kaiser then all the empire's children will be treated the same."

"Do you really think the minorities will rise up against the Crown which has supported and ruled over them for centuries?"

"Yes I do, keeping the likes of the Czechs, Slovaks and Bosnians down will only lead to radical nationalism and then the split towards independence will begin. Bring them into an equal state with us, then the internal bleeding of the Crown will be sealed and the empire will flourish for a thousand more years under Habsburg rule."

Upfront Dannecker questions back to Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Leopold. "Upcoming turn your majesty, right or left?"

"It's a right Mr. Dannecker, a right. Follow suit your doing fine."

"Thanks, afterall its my first day on the job with the Archduke and Heir of throne this time."

"And your doing fine Oberst. Your doing just fine."

The car continued too steamroll through the night and the gleaming moonlight, the dark sky was aluminated by the bright full moon above. Sadly for Archduke Franz Ferdinand that day of returning to his children and that day of equality in the Imperial Government under his reign would never come true.


Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austrian throne.​
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Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

The Letter of Potiorek

Dearest Archduke Francis Ferdinand,

I hope you find your stay here in Sarajevo to be a good and long one that you and your wife will surely enjoy. The Police and Infantry will be on the most appropiate behavior for your arrival and be in their wonderful parade uniforms. There have been no rumors or leaks of any Bosnian rise up against us so I have decided too keep your Imperial Bodyguard back in Vienna as I believe the police and my soldiers will be more than enough to keep the heir of the Austrian throne safe.

Your arrival will be well guarded and you'll be staying at the Imperial Forum in central Sarajevo, the Governor's Villa. Hopefully you find everything to be in good condition for your arrival. We have been preparing for your arrival for the past week now and will be anxiously awaiting your magnanimous arrival in Bosnia. The parade through the city of Sarajevo to show the Habsburg support to the Bosnian people.

The Motorcade will be seven cars long and you'll be in the third car from the front with your bodyguard Leopold von Ruth, myself and your wife and a local driver who knows the city well. The Imperial Hussars will line the sides of the motorcade along with police for your protection. The have been so-called "Black Hand" movements in the greater Bosnian Area however, they will not be a threat for your arrival and parade through Sarajevo.

I have dispatched the Bosnian Police and the Grenzerinfantrie out into the country-side to keep the "Arms" they allegedly have from making into the wrong hands in Sarajevo. Don't feel threatened by these leaks from our police, they are most likely false to keep you from coming and if they are true you need not to worry about the arms from ever reaching Sarajevo. The Police and 1. Grenzer Battalion have seized a small arms depot 21 km's outside of Sarajevo, any attempts to smuggle arms in have been killed.

When you arrive you will meet with the chief-of-police, Hussars commandant, foreign ministe to Bosnia and myself along with lesser military commanders and officers who will be joining us in the motorcade for the tour. This will surely be a great day for the Austro-Hungarian Empire in its entirety. We will be graciously awaiting your arrive mein heir!

We may have only six cars in the motorcade, one less than planned as metioned above. One of the cars has recently been experiencing engine failures. Surely a car fit for the heir cannot be stalling in the tour now can it.

-General Oskar Potiorek, Govenor of Bosnia.

June 24, 1914.

General Oskar Potiorek, the Governor of Bosnia in 1914 and future Austrian General leading the attacks against Serbia in late 1914.​
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Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

A Night In Sarajevo

June 27, 1914.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand has arrived at the Governor's Villa late at night before meeting with General Potiorek and his officers at the Sarajevo Station where the motorcade will take off and tour the wonderful city of Sarajevo where thousands of loving Bosnians and Austrians will anxiously be awaiting the appearance of the Archduke.

"Are you sure about this your majesty? Afterall the letter from Potiorek says possibilities of Bosnian violence against you."

"My dear boy Leo, some times a royal's life doesn't count."

"Even in war and bitter winter you would risk your life then?"

"The only way to save the Austrian Empire is too show all of her minorities that the Kaiser and the ruling-class truly and actually care for them. Oh my dear Sophie."

"My wonderful husband, Mr. Ruth," acknowledges Sophie von Hohenberg the wife of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Imperial princess. "Tomorrow is a big day for us and the Habsburg Monarchy, tomorrow we'll be welcomed by the wonderful people of Sarajevo."

"Now is this true? Lieutantant if you will, I would like to spend the rest of this night with my wife."

"As you wish your majesty." Leopold exits the room and walks down the hall to the guardian's room where he rests.

"My dear Sophie," begins Franz Ferdinand, "I beg you too return to Austria and watch over the children. If anything goes wrong I want you as far away as possible."

"What are you saying, the people of Bosnia are planning in killing you? That's totally proposterious. They love us and tomorrow you'll see with your own eyes. You worry too much my dear."

"I worry out of love."

"Your too kind my dear Franz, there's no way the Bosnians will even throw a little pebble at your direction. The tour will commence and end with thunderous applause."

"And I now know you will always be beside my side."

The moon was bright, the House was largely empty and the Austrians were readying for the arrival of Franz Ferdinand at the Sarajevo Station. Governor General Oskar Potiorek was overlooking the final stages, he wanted everything to be perfect for the arrival of the royals and the heir to the Austrian throne.

Inside a cramped and small room the Black Hand met under the cover of darkness aluding the Austrian soldiers patrolling the streets outside. Gavrillo Princip was absent at the row call, he looked out of a dark alley-way as two Austrian soldiers dressed in their traditional colors walked down the street towards Princip. Princip ducked back behind old boxes and the soldiers paused infront of the alley-way. The soldiers began to talk about rumors of the arrival of Franz Ferdinad, when one of the soldiers commented that he was already in Sarajevo Gavrilo Princip gave a dark-sickening sinister smile.

The soldiers then continued down the street and Princip silently and quickly crossed over and entered the room via a secret entrence from the back alley-way leading right into the meeting room. Gavrilo Princip commented to the crowd about new news, "I overhead two Austrian soldiers outside while coming here, the Archduke is already here in Vienna, tomorrow the Habsburgs will stand still in shock and awe of what happened here tomorrow in Sarajevo."

"So the Archduke is here in Sarajevo already?"

"That's what I heard, and I'm sure something this big won't be just foolish rumors. Have all the arms been delivered?"

"Yes, the first attempt will be made by a bomb given to us by the greatful Serbs. Over the old bridge at Sarajevo the motorcade will move under, here one of us will toss the bomb at the Archduke. The explosion should kill him, otherwise the rest of the road will be filled with us with more grenades and guns. Princip this is for you, this is my personal pistol. Make me proud, make it proud."

"Gentlemen, here's the map of the motorcade and its positions of movement through Sarajevo."

The Blackhand looks at the map and begins to plot their plan of attack. The Blackhand was looking very happy. The light went out as an Austrian soldier looked down at the basment room where the Blackhand was meeting. The soldier lite a cigarette and moved into the house and began to walk down to the downstairs room. The Blackhand took evasive maneuveres.

The soldier peared into the dark room and could see nothing. He searched for any possible lite, none. The soldier sighed and walked back up the stairs where Princip walked out and aimed the pistol at him. Another member looked at him and shook his head begging him, no. The soldier exited and Princip put the gun back into his pocket.

Outside a single red leaf blew down the streets of Sarejevo and landed on the very spot that the Archduke would meet his destiny and shock Europe to its very cores. Tomorrow will be the day Europe stood still.


Gavrilo Princip, the man that would spell doom upon all of Europe.​
Aug 11, 2008
The Young One said:
Poor Franz Ferdinand, has no idea about the assassination plot being held by the Blackhand.
Good job so far, I like it alot.

Thank you, hopefully I don't disapoint you then.
So everyone knows was/I'm playing on Furious/Furious.
Currently moding the 36 to the outcomes of the Great War, already completed as I already know the new shape of Europe.

--For everyone: Communism is huge and taken control of much of Europe and the Austro-Hungarian Empire no longer exists in the new political map of Europe.

The First Great War would test the alliance system of the Great Powers of the world. Europe looks so much better when controled by like only 15 or so countries. And so much better with an Imperial Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Aug 11, 2008
For everyone reading and following this AAR, please realize this is a story AAR and is driven by a plot focusing on historical and fictional charachters in the First World War and beyound. There won't be many screenshots if thats the kinda AAR you are interested in.
I'm also going to be really busy with sports for my High School so updates on weekdays are going to be few to none so most updates will take place on the weekend when I have the time to update.

I hope everyone has and will enjoy this AAR as it continues into the dark days of the 1914 mod.
I played somewhat historically and didn't steamroll over Serbia in the opening months of the war. :D
Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

The Faded Eagle​

The morning of June 28, 1914 arose from the darkness. Archduke Franz Ferdinand stepped out of bed at six o'clock in the morning greeted by his loyal bodyguard Leopold von Ruth.

With Sophie still asleep the two gentlemen went out for a morning stroll in the Villa Complex, safe and out of sight from the people of Sarajevo. From the window above Sophie calls down for her husband too come inside and that the cooks have made a wonderful breakfast for them to eat before heading off to the Sarajevo Station to begin their official tour of the city.

Leopold von Ruth walks out to the streets where a large black car pulls up to take the royals to the Sarajevo Station, in the car the driver and an Austrian officer wait for the arrival of the Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary. Franz Ferdinand and his wife enter the car around seven-thirty. They are greeted by the vealous members of the car whom have never seen the royals in person.

The car begins too move down the streets of Sarajevo and the excitement begins to mount. People begin to line the streets and shout in joy at the Archduke and his wife. From inside windows and shops people stop and stare to catch a glipse at the Habsburg that will change their future in the empire for the better. The car continues to roll down the streets and passes a member of the Blackhand.

He runs back to the bakers shop where the other members are awaiting, "It's official then, the Archduke is here in Sarajevo. Gentlemen you now know your jobs and your positions. Make the Slavic people proud. Today the Slavic nations will rise up together and say that we, the members of the Blackhand, the heroes who slained the evil Franz Ferdinand have made our lives a thousand times better. To your posts!"

As the Blackhand members leave the shop to head for the stations the Sarajevo Police and Military Garrison begin to line the streets for protection. The Police Commissioner doesn't have many officers on patrol, no parade uniforms? The Commissioner doesn't want the majority of officers without their parade dress to be out on the streets on such an occassion so they line the outskirts of town ensuring no one else comes in or out of the city until the Archduke leaves.

The Garrison is smaller than Potiorek had expected, most of his soldiers have yet to return from the patrols in the country-side. The Austro-Hungarian Security is far smaller than thought. But that shouldn't be much of a problem, who would dare attempt to kill a member of one of the most powerful families in Europe?

That fateful day is nearly upon us and the car pulls up to the station where General Potiorek and the Archduke's motorcade awaits for the journey into history.
Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

The Sarajevo Station

Archduke Franz Ferdinand's car stopped at the Sarajevo Station where he was greeted by General Oskar Potiorek and the other important Austrian officers and men attending to the motorcade. Oskar gave the Archduke a map of the intended route for the motorcade to travel, the same map that the Blackhand got a hold of. As the Blackhand prepares for their attempt to kill the Austrian Archduke and heir, the Austrians prepared for their rendevous with history.

"Mein dearest Archduke, its an honor too meet you in person finally," says a happy and slightly zealous General Oskar Potiorek.

"General Potiorek," begins Archduke Franz Ferdinand, "I was expecting a man of your honor and ability to be a little bit, older." Franz Ferdinand pats the General on the back and begins to laugh. He points over to his wife exiting the car with the assistance of Lt. Leopold von Ruth. "General, my wonderful wife Empress Sophie von Hohenberg, the lady of my life. The reason why I get up and live for every new day."

"And may I say she is lucky to have a man like you. We've all heard the stories of what you plan to do with the many minorites when your the Kaiser of Osterreich. Hopefully the people of the reich realize your genuine greatness and love towards all."

"I was however expecting more policemen on the streets."

The Police Commissioner steps forward, "That's my fault your majesty, most of the police forces don't have a parade uniform. I didn't want them too make the appearence be lack luster. They're lining the outskirts of the city, currently no one enters or leaves until your tour of Sarajevo is safely completed."

"And do you really think the people of Bosnia hate me? They don't even know me. And by the way the people reacted this morning on the ride over, they love me."

General Potiorek introduces himself to Empress Sophie, "My dear lady, its an honor. Your husband has told me everything about you."

"Now did he, I didn't know he only had about one minute of stuff too tell others about me," Sophie says with a smile.

General Potiorek walks over to several Police dectatives and officers, "Spread yourselve's out evenly in the motorcade, nothing can go wrong here. Understood?" The officers replied with a solid yes. However three of the seven men entered the first car of the motorcade, something that was not supposed to happen as the rest of cars wouldn't have sufficient numbers of well-trained police officers to react to a crises moment.

"Your majesty, if you wish the motorcade will be leaving shortly."

"General Potiorek, this is my loyal bodyguard and friend, Leopold von Ruth. He is the only Imperial Guard member with us here today. Which car will we getting into general?"

"The second car, you, your wife, your bodyguard and myself along with the driver. I'll be in the backseat with you and your wife, the driver and your young bodyguard in the front."

"How many cars will be in the motorcade? Seven?"

"Nein, only six."

"And six is perfectly fine. My dear Sophie please enter the second car from the front, we'll be leaving shortly. General, Commissioner, everyone. Thank-you and may God smile upon this historical moment. Today the Habsburg Empire takes a turn for the better."

"The Royal Hussars will line the sides of our motorcade," says General Potiorek with a smile, "my treat for you your majesty. A good parade can't have the vaunted KuK Hussars not present, can it?"

"Ofcourse not general." Archduke Franz Ferdinand and General Potiorek begin to walk towards the car where Lt. von Ruth and Sophie are already in. The Austrian motorcade gets ready too move, the rest of the soldiers and officers enter their cars. The Hussars mount their horses and begin to line the side of the mighty motorcade.

"This will truly be remarkable your majesty," says Lt. von Ruth back to Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the back seat, "June 28, 1914 is a day the Austrian Empire will never forget."

"Herr Oberst! You may begin," shouts General Potiorek to the lead car which begins to slide slowly forward thus beginning the journey of the Austrian motorcade. "Your majesty, trust me when I tell you this, you will not be disappointed for coming down here to Sarajevo on this day."

"And for your sake general I hope so," Franz Ferdinand says with a laugh. "My dear Sophie may our children smile upon our decision to come here to Sarajevo on this day."

"Don't worry about the children Franz, they're in good hands under Colonel Strauss and Dannecker."

The sun over Sarajevo was shinning bright this morning. An eagle circled the sun three times and flew off. The motorcade was off to have their precious date with infamy. Inside the car the Archduke and his wife were having a wonderful time. The people lining the streets of Sarajevo were cheering and full of applause as the Archduke's car passed the streets where they were waiting to have their chance to see the future ruler of Austria-Hungary. The Crown Prince graciously waved back and the words on the streets were: 'there goes Franz Ferdinand and his wife, aren't they wonderful.'

As the car passed a corner a young Serb dressed in black looks up and see's the Archduke and his car in plain site of himself. He clinches a pistol inside his jacket and takes a deep breathe and begins to trek slowly forward with his finger on the trigger...
Aug 11, 2008
Next update: The Day we Remember: Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
I've also restarted the 1914 mod game and will playing somewhat historically and won't destroy Serbia in a few moments time and won't be trying to win the war as quick as possible, rather I'll try to win the long way. :D
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Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

Chapter II: The Day we Remember

The motorcade slowly advanced throught the streets of Sarajevo in the early morning hours of June 28, and was pulling up to a local bridge inside the city. A Blackhand member peared down at the motorcade, the previous member didn't go through the ordeal of killing the Archduke, now another takes a careful look down at the Archduke as he slowly comes closer and closer. Beneath the crowds rour and cheer in honor of the Austrian Crown Prince. The Blackhand member arms his bomb and waits patiently for the moment to strike.

The Archduke's car is right beside the bridge now and he goes into action, the man tosses the bomb out into the streets of Sarajevo, inside the car Leopold von Ruth yells out, "Handgranate! Get down!" The Archduke takes his precautions and ducks beneath the outside of doors of the car the bomb sits beside the car and the motorcade is at an emotional stop. The Hussars scatter away from the bomb and the crowd along the streets are in shock. The bomb suddenly goes off giving off a deafening thunderous explosion. The crowd disperses. Leopold gets up from his seat and looks back at the Archduke and his back seat company. He looks over to the edge of the streets seeing a small number of people injured along with several Police and Hussar members.

"Your majesty! Your majesty! Are you alright?" screams an alarmed and worried General Potiorek.

"Mein gott!"

"Where are you hit?" asks a nervous Leopold von Ruth.

"No, I'm fine, but those poor civilians are injured. Get them to a hospital immediatley!"

In the nearby stream the Blackhand member had taken a suicidal pill and leaped into the stream below, but was not dead. From the nearby roads Hussars raced down to the stream with their sabors drawn to kill. They pull over to the man and the Hussar Captain jumps off his horse and lands atop the Blackhand assassin. He wrestles him to the ground and violently punches at him. The Blackhand member gives up without much a fight and the Hussars continue to overly abuse the would-be assassin.

Austrian guards rush to the Archduke's car and look inside and surround him. The soldiers continue to pat down and search for wounds on the heir to Austria-Hungary despite his many claims that he's fine and that the wounded most get to a hospital where they can be treated. Austrian soldiers line the streets and search anyone and everyone who looks supicious.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand pears over to his wife, "It's my wife you all should be worried about, not me!"

"Be serious your majesty, you are the heir to the throne in Vienna, not your wife."

"And your Prince orders you to take a look at his wife! Now!"

"Right away your majesty."

"I'm fine, I'm fine, please keep your hands off of me, I'm fine!"

Archduke Franz Ferdinand pears over to General Potiorek, "Mein gott! I come to Sarajevo for a nice visit, to show that I care about these people and this is how they reward me! By throwing a bomb at me!? What kinda city is this, I thought you said these attempts were thrwarted by your soldiers?"

"As did I your majesty. As did I. Please, I advise you to stop and return to the Governor's Villa where you are safe. The Grenzerinfantrie will return and then you and your wife can leave this city and head back to Austria. Then I will punish these traitors in Sarajevo and Serbia. Surely they masterminded this attempt to take your life."

"The Serbs! The Serbs, a waste of our time. These attempts are obviously done by some Nationalist Bosnians wanting to be free, not the Serbs."

"Your majesty, will we move to the Villa?"

"Nein! I came here to be given a tour of Sarajevo and see the wonderful people of Bosnia. A few bad seeds shall not ruin the journey for me and all the others who have gathered to see their Crown Prince on this day. But first, head over to the hospital, I wish to meet with the wounded being carried off there. Then we're going to finish this tour, but I want more soldiers and police officers on the streets regardless of their non-parade uniforms."

The Hussars drag the would-be assassin into the streets where many of the angry people of Sarajevo rush in to attempt to beat the assassin, despite the efforts of the police and hussars the people get inside and share their kind words with the would-be killer. The scene has erupted into chaos and the motorcade moves over to the hospital where the Archduke visits the wounded and wishes them well.

Soon afterwards he enters the car again and begins to start up the motorcade again. The driver panics and takes a tragic wrong turn. The motorcade is about to run into the Hero of Bosnia and Serbia.

In the side streets Gavrilo Princip waits for the Archduke, the bomb explosion and no Archduke present makes Princip lose faith and begins to worry about the attempt to assassinate the Archduke. He looks over to the edge streets of Sarajevo and begins to walk back. Then the crowd erupts in cheers as the Archduke's motorcade enters the street, where he waves to the people showing them all that he is alright. The car is going slower and slower as it moves forward down the streets.

Gavrilo Princip looks up and sees the Archduke coming his way, he smiles and cluches his gun. He asserts his way to the front of the crowd and looks down the street where the car is slowly coming to him. Princip puts his finger on the trigger and moves forward into the streets and aims the revolver at the Archduke in his car. From the back car the police attempt to react, to late. Inside the Archduke's car time has been frozen, the driver stops the car and Leopold attempts to move his body into the way of Princip's gun. In the back Potiorek attempts to draw his weapon and the Archduke cluches his wife in horror of another assassin. Gavrilo slowly moves his trigger finger-inward and gun goes off, he shoots again again striking the Archduke and his wife. He aims at General Potiorek and pulls the trigger again once more hitting Sophie rather than the General.

Leopold jumps out and slashes out at Gavrilo with his sabor striking him across the arms. The hussars and police quickly join in and save the wounded Princip from being beaten to death by the angry crowd. In the car the Archduke looks over to General Potiorek cluching his wounds, and pears back over at his wife how is shouting in pain and dying quickly.

"My dear Sophie don't die, just think about the children."

She dies soon after and the Archduke cries out in tears, suddenly the tears of the Archduke grow silent. Inside the streets a mob scene has erupted as the Austrian soldiers attempt to keep the crowd at bay.

"Is the Archduke dead? Is the Archduke dead? Is the Archduke dead! IS THE ARCHDUKE DEAD!!!"

Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

The Heart of Vienna

The body of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Duchess of Hohenberg returned to Vienna where the two royals were given a state burial with Kaiser Franz Josef I attending the state funeral, the air was misty and the people attending were in complete shock and awe that the heir of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by some lowly no-named Serbian named Gavrilo Princip, the people demanded him to be sent to the hangers along with all of the men who helped him plan the assassination of the Archduke.

At the same time General Potiorek gathered the Austro-Hungarian 5th Army in southern Bosnia preparing for the outbrake of hostilities between the mighty Habsburger Austro-Hungarian Empire and the minor Serbian Kingdom, the main reason why the Bosnians were able to complete the assassination of the Archduke. The July Ultimatum was being prepared in Vienna and Conrad von Hotzendorf levied for an outrageouse ultimatum to ensure that the Serbs would never accept and that Austria-Hungary would be able to go to war with the minor Balkan nation, unaware of the reprecutions of their future declaration of war would have upon the rest of Europe, the secret Russo-Serb alliance would spell doom for the rest of Europe, can anyone stop the war from ever happening?

"I've been spared from assassination and after witnessing it I pledge myself to my duty. God has let me lived so it will be me, the one who lived thanks to his grace, be the man who see's justice brought down upon the Serbian people and that the empire will all love and know will flourish under the reign of our kaiser Francis-Josef I. May God smile down upon him and myself as we prepare for this inevitable war with those Serbs."

"General, perhaps you're taking this too far and too hard, it's not your fault that you lived, it was the way that the lord wanted it, and that's thats."

"Come on day Leopold, when your at a position like myself, you will understand where my anguish and fury comes from. You're a brave soldier Leo, but not ready to understand the complextion of being a general in the Kaiseliche und Koenig Armee. The Serbs will pay dearly for this attrocity that they have commited against our great nation."

It was a sad day for the empire indeed, the burial of Franz Ferdinand and his wife captured the hearts of all the Austro-Hungarians which led to many wanting to join the army to punish those Serbian traitors in Belgrade, surely they will realize the ordeal of their ordeal and the wrath of the Austro-Hungarian Empire will fall upon Serbia like a thunderous storm of lightining, one that the Serbs will be unable to stop, even with all the soldiers in their army, the fury of Austria-Hungary will not be stopped short of anything other than a total sweep over the Kingdom of Serbia.


Austrian soldiers move towards Serbia in July 1914.
Aug 11, 2008
The Pappenheim March

Heinrich von Freiburg

Heinrich von Freiburg left his Croatian home in July 1914 and marched down to Serbia with his battalion of soldiers that would form into Potiorek's Fifth Austro-Hungarian Armee. The Armee was going to be the lead element if a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was to brake out, and war was nearly upon the face of Europe. In Vienna the Austrian Cabinet is busy listing the ten demands that Serbia will never accept no matter what which means Conrad von Hotzendorf will have his war with the Serbs, if this be the case the war will be over in a month or two, or so thought the Austro-Hungarian High Command.

Heinrich walked over to the camp of the many thousands of Austro-Hungarian soldiers taking the positions in camp, singing, dancing and drinking. Rather a face of seriousness of war they are all cheerful and happy in the wake of the horrors that will soon beset upon Europe, the Great War is nearly upon the proud continent of Europe and the Austro-Hungarian Armee will be at the fronts before anyone would have ever thought. The Austrian Government makes its demands so war will erupt whereas the soldiers of the KuK believe the Serbs will accpet and that will be the end of the July Crises, as the Germans, French and Russians look on with a careful eye with the decision of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in their response to the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The day we remember will not be soon forgotten by all true Austro-Hungarian civilians and soldiers.

Heinrich looks inside the camp to see if he knows anyone from his time in the Zagreb Military Academy, he searches hard rather than be stuck with the few members he already knows. He finds Lt. Leopold von Ruth in a tent washing his boots, he walks in and surprises his old friend.

"Leo! You look terrific! How are things mein gut man?"

"My god, if it isn't little Heinrich von Freiburg, how did a little weasel like yourself get into the finest army in the world?" Leopold says with a laugh.

"My dad," responds Heinrich with a smile. "I heard you were in Sarajevo on that fateful day, in the car."

"I try not to think about it, the Archduke and myself were good friends I like to think, I wish he was still here."

"And now we get to punish those who killed the man loved by all of Austria-Hungary. You will have your revenge..."

"I did, and I nearly killed that scum Gavrilo Princip in the process. The police captured six others right afterwards and they all confused to being part of the plot to kill the Archduke. The bullet that killed Empress Sophie was apparently meant for General Potiorek who has taken the assassination very hard upon himself. He says that God let him live so he could avenge the Archduke's death personally."

"General Potiorek is a highly decorated hero, lets hope his plans and tactics are just as good as that pretty uniform."

"And that he will, we have over 200,000 soldiers here, the entire Serb Army is probably only 200,000 strong. And they can't form all at once, the majority of their army is stuck in Macedonia after the Second Balkand War."

Outside a nice July breeze crossed through the Austro-Hungarian Camp, the soldiers were out in full force, even the officers were enjoying their time before the storm would erupt into a long and unforgiving plague over all of Europe.

"I heard that Archduke Karl is going to be visiting us, the new heir to the throne, a very compassionate and genuinely good man he is. My I wish him the best of luck on the throne for Franz-Josef's time is numbered, Kaiser since 1848. I've been alive since only since 1890."

"Yes, everyone in Austria knows that Franz-Josef won't be around much longer, but thats what they said in the 1890's and 1900's, he has a way with things. He's a cat with nine lives."

"I hope we're cats with nine lives if we go to war with Serbia. Surely men like us will be needing it."

"But your an officer mack, your be safe behind the lines, I'll be the one at the front getting shot at."

Leo laughs, "I wish that was true, I wish that was true."

"When will the much vaunted ultimatum be sent mein dear commandant?"

"I have no idea, according to the General, it will be sent to Belgrade within a few days. Another Austro-Hungarian force is gathering in Ragussa and north of Belgrade, the Danube Monitors will be out in full force. We may not have the world's greatest deep water fleet but we surely have the best shallow water fleet."

"The much famouse Brown water ships, I'm terrified more by a 150 foot monitor than a massive battleship with twelve massive guns aiming at me."

"Hey, its true! Gemany doesn't have a shallow fleet."

"Yeah Leo your right, but they have the second largest deep water fleet behind only the British and their Royal Navy."

The night comes over the camp and the soldiers enter their tents to get some much needed sleep. The moon is a crescent, staring down at the Austro-Hungarian soldiers down below it. In Vienna Conrad von Hotzendorf smiles upon the now completed ultimatum. The General may finally have that war with Serbia that he levied for so many times in the past year or two, a number that reached over 50 times, finally it may come true.
Aug 11, 2008
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That doesn't matter, still trucking along. Great War is nearly upon us all and Europe won't be safe much longer.