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So, as lots of people have been getting confused over certain acronyms and neologisms (new words) used on the forums, I've decided to make a list of acronyms and their meanings.
So far, for acronyms, we have the CK2-related ones:
  • "CK2" - Crusader Kings 2, the game you're most likely playing and/or modding.
  • "WAD" - Works/working as designed; this acronym means that the thing in question is wrongly considered a bug and is actually intentional.
  • "OPM" - One-province minor; this acronym signifies a usually independent nation consisting of only one province.
  • "HRE" - Holy Roman Empire
  • "ERE" - Eastern Roman Empire = Byzantium
  • "RRE" - Restored Roman Empire
  • "WC" - a world conquest; direct conquest of every title in-game, potentially save for the titular ones.
  • "GH" - the Golden Horde.
  • "AAR" - After-action report; a kind of a story told about a game in progress but with the action already complete, often narrated as if the player was the actual character.
  • "LP" - Let's Play; an alternative to the AAR, a video narrative of a game in progress with the action ongoing rather than already complete.
  • "CB" - 'casus belli' = a cause, justification for war.
  • "FoW" - "Fog of War" - the game mechanic that hides troop movements in provinces more than a province away from the player's realm borders his troops or councillors or the troops of his allies
  • "AGoT" - the "A Game of Thrones" mod.
  • "LI" - the "Lux Invicta" mod.
  • "TPTT" - "The Prince and the Thane" mod.
  • "PB" - the "Project Balance" mod, also known as "Balansegang".
  • "SWMH" - the "SomeWhat More Historic" mod.
  • "VIET" - the "Vanilla Immersion, Events and Traits" mod.
  • "EK" - the "Elder Kings" mod.
  • "BLC" - the "Better Looking Characters" graphical mod.
  • "F&F" - the "Friends and Foes" mod.
  • "HIP" - the "Historical Immersion Project" mod pack.
  • "DLC" - downloadable content pack.
  • "SoI" - the "Sword of Islam" DLC
  • "LoR" - the "Legacy of Rome" DLC
  • "SI" - the "Sunset Invasion" DLC
  • "TOG" - the "The Old Gods" DLC
  • "SoA" - the "Sons of Abraham" DLC
  • "RoI" - the "Rajas of India" DLC
  • "HL" - the "Horse Lords" DLC
  • "OP" - this can mean two things:
    • "Overpowered" - used to reference a certain mechanic or tactic.
    • "Original Post(er)" - the original poster of the thread, or the first post in the thread.
  • "UP" - underpowered, the opposite of "overpowered"
  • "RR" - revolt risk, the likelyhood of peasants or vassals taking up arms against their liege.
  • "HK" - "Hunter-Killer", a mobile force for hunting and killing enemy levies, retinues and mercs before they can combine into stacks or gain morale sufficient to threaten your siege stacks. It is also stylised as "Hunter/Killer".
  • "DD" - development diary, a post about the development of a certan part of the game or DLC yet to be released at the time of writing, or, more recently, a mod in the same situation.
  • "DOW" - declaration of war; extended into the verb "to DOW", meaning "to declare war".
  • "PI" - Paradox Interactive, the boys and girls who made this possible.
  • "PDS" - Paradox Development Studios, the boys and girls who made our games possible.
  • "WS" - "war score", the score used to calculate outcomes of wars.
  • "MTTH" - "Mean time to happen", mean or average time span in which the event is likely to fire.
  • "MSR" - "Most Serene Republic" - a king-tier republic title.
  • "CA" - "Crown Authority" - a crown law abstracting the King's or Emperor's control over the realm.
  • "MA" - "Moral Authority" - an abstraction of the level of unity and authority of a religion.
  • "RA" - "Religious Authority" - an erroneous reference to the above.
Then, there also are the generic ones, for convenience:
  • "LOL" - "laughing out loud"
  • "ROFL" - "rolling on the floor (and) laughing"
  • "WTF" - "what the fuck"
  • "CTD" - "crash to desktop"
  • "IIRC" - "if I recall/remember correctly"
  • "IM(H)O" - "in my (honest/humble) opinion"
  • "AFAIK" - "as far as I know"
  • "AFAICS" - "as far as I can see"
  • "AFAIR" - "as far as I remember"
  • "TBH" - "to be honest"
  • "TY" - "thank you"
  • "TYVM" - "thank you very much"
  • "NM" - "nothing much
  • "ETA" - "expected time of arrival", expected time of release.
  • "TBD" - "to be determined", most often used when the release date or content is not yet known or not yet public information.
  • "QFT" - "quoted for truth", used to describe content, primarily textual in nature, with which the poster agrees or which the poster supports to be true.
  • "FTW" - can most often mean two things:
    • "For the win" - an enthusiastic emphasis
    • "Fuck the world" - self-explicating
  • "FML" - "fuck my life" - often used after something has gone terribly wrong.
  • "OMG" - "oh my God"
  • "FSM" - "flying spaghetti monster"
  • "etc." - not truly an acronym, but is often used as one; means "et cetera", that is, "and so on, in that vein".
  • "BTW" - "by the way"
  • "BB" - "be back" (not "badboy", as that is EU and Vicky-specific), often extended into:
    • "BBS" - "be back soon"
    • "BBL" - "be back later"
    • "BRB" - "be right back"
  • "AFK" - "away from keyboard", by extension from computer, usually for a short period of time.
  • "IRL" - "in real life", can be used to mean "in-real-life" (an adjective).
  • "ATM" - "at the moment"
  • "OTOH" - "on the other hand"
  • "OTL" - "original/our timeline" - used to refer to a sequence of events that happened in human history, as opposed to an alternate timeline or history.
  • "ITTL" - "in this timeline" - used to refer to a sequence of events that happened in the timeline/history that is being talked about, as opposed to actual human history.
  • "FYI" - "for your information"
  • "TL;DR" - "too long, didn't read"
  • "GTFO" - "get the fuck out"
  • "FAQ" - "frequently asked questions"
  • "ASAP" - "as soon as possible"
  • "MP" - "multiplayer"
  • "MFW" - "my face when..."
  • "MRW" - "my reaction when..." - a modulation of the above.
  • "ASB" - "Alien Space Bats" - used to describe an event or situation in a game or alternate history which would be extremely implausible in real life. Can be used as an adjective ("A Muslim sheikh from Yemen becoming Holy Roman Emperor is ASB") or a proper noun ("The only way a Muslim sheikh from Yemen could become Holy Roman Emperor is if the ASBs came down and helped him").
  • "DRM" - "Digital Rights Management" - a system whose purpose is to restrict content access as to prevent privacy or limit content to geographical areas.
  • "GG" - "GamersGate" - a digital distribution system previously used as one of two for CK2, discontinued since 2.02

And, for neologisms related to CK2:
  • "Ninja'd" - used as an interjection when somebody posts the information you were writing before you post it yourself.
  • "Gamey" - used as an adjective to signify an action or tactic that, while not a cheat, significantly destroys game balance and gives tremendous bonuses to the player.
  • "Doomstack" - a noun signifying an extremely large and cohesive army that has the ability to destroy most obstacles; in the case of Mongol invasions, the doomtacks carry no attrition.
  • "to Nerf" - used as a verb to indicate the weakening or softening of some feature, usually a title (nation or mercenary).
  • "to Buff" - used as a verb, opposite of "nerf"
  • "to Merge" - used as a verb to most often indicate the merging of two different and normally incompatible mods or mechanics, usually custom ones, into one hybrid.
  • "(to) Blob" - used as either a verb or a noun; the verb describes the tremendous growth in size of a nation so that it becomes really huge and almost completely homogenous, the noun describes a huge nation that might resemble a blob of paint on the map, hence the name.
  • "(to) Curbstomp" - used as either a verb, a noun or an adjective; the adjective often describes a war or a battle in which the odds are overwhelmingly unbalanced, the verb describes near-total annihilation of a nation due to overwhelming odds, the noun indicates the result of the verb (ex. "the war was a curbstomp")
  • "(to) roflstomp" - the stronger version of "curbstomp", used in the same circumstances.
  • "(to) Savescum" - used as either a verb, a noun or an adjective; the verb describes the action of constant saving and reloading said saves whenever things are not going according to plan, the adjective is used to describe such a tactic, the noun describes a person who savescums (more commonly seen as "savescummer")
  • "Savescumming" - used to describe the action or tactic of the above.
  • "Wincest" - Portmanteau of win and incest. Used as a noun to describe the benefits of Zoroastrian divine blood mechanic which allows and rewards incestuous marriages.
  • "Banhammer" - the set of tools used by moderators and administrators used to block users, referred to as one.
  • "Forumite" - a person who frequents Paradox Plaza
  • "Ireland" - an island in Europe, used most often as a substitute for "tutorial island", by extension also used to mean "best place for a first game" (ex. "Mali is the Muslim Ireland")
  • "(to) Ragequit" - used as either a verb or a noun; the verb describes the rageful quitting of a game, most often without saving, due to unforseen circumstances which have ruined the game, the noun describes one iteration of the verb.
  • "Checksum" - a string of four letters that are used to verify whether two or more parties have the exact same copy of the game. Checksums can change by one letter by playing and resigning, and differ completely if the two compared copies are not the same.
  • "Vanilla" - used as either a noun or an adjective; as a noun, describes the unmodified version of the game, as an adjective, used to denote that the mentioned feature is considered to be from the unmodified and up-to-date version of the game.
  • "Mod" - a user modification; some subtypes:
    • "Minimod" - a mod that's small in scope and often compatible with other mods.
    • "Micromod" - a mod even smaller in scope, most often changing only an event or two, or perhaps a single feature.
    • "Submod" - a mod that's a mod of another mod.
    • "Modmod" - a synonym of the above.
    • "Overhaul" - a mod that changes significant aspects of the game.
    • "Total Conversion" - simmilar to an overhaul mod, except larger in scope.
    • "Complete/Total Overhaul" - equivalent to above.
  • "Mod" - also meaning "moderator"
  • "Admin" - forum administrator
  • "Dev" - most often used to refer to Paradox employees involved in making the games, also applicable to a modder or modmaker
  • "Diff" - the difference in form and function between two things of the same scope: two files, two mods, two versions, two games etc.
  • "Veld" - Veldmaarschalk, a moderator on Paradox Forums.
  • "Ironman" - a game mode defined by the inability to cheat and only one save game.
  • "Workshop" - Steam's mod service, more fully known as the "Steam Workshop"
  • "the Cloud" - Steam's online file storage service, most often used to store save games and images. Can also be referred to as the "Cloud Storage" or "Steam Cloud"

Edit: OK, the list is growing now. I've added a set of generic internet acronyms which may be of use; feel free to contribute to the list, and don't be afraid to ask what an acronym not listed here means!
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CB - Casus Belli, the official cause of war.
OP - overpowered, something (a strategy, inheritance law, unit type, etc.) that is considerably better than all alternatives.
UP - underpowered, the opposite of OP.
OP - original poster - the person who made the OP - original (first) post in the thread.
RR - revolt risk.
DEV - a developer, one of the makers of the game.
OP - overpowered, something (a strategy, inheritance law, unit type, etc.) that is considerably better than all alternatives.
UP - underpowered, the opposite of OP.
OP - original poster - the person who made the OP - original (first) post in the thread.
RR - revolt risk.
DEV - a developer, one of the makers of the game.

Thanks again - all but the last one are really nice, since the last isn't an acronym :p (added as neologism)
Useful thread, thank you. Although I struggle ultimately more with the internet slang abbreviations... LOL/lol and TBH are known to me already but the list is ever growing that I can't quite keep up with it... I feel such an oldie. :)
Thanks again - all but the last one are really nice, since the last isn't an acronym :p (added as neologism)

I wouldn't consider Dev to be a neologism. It's just the truncated version of developer and not a newly created word. You'd have to add another name to that section to make it accurate. Then that would possibly force DANT to change its name.
Lets see what I can get from EU3 which applies just as well here.

GH/GOL - Golden Horde
Timmies - Timurids
WC - World Conquest. To paint the entire map your colour.
Blob - N. A country which has grown larger/greatly expanded V. ("to blob") - to expand/greatly enlarge a country. Named for the way such countries look like a giant, often misshapen splotch of colour on the map, e.g. BBB (Big Blue Blob aka France)

PI - Paradox Interactive, the people responsible for CK, EU, Vicky, and HoI. And lots of other stuff.
Emu'd - To have someone add a post in between the OP responding to the feedback in an AAR and advancing the ARR. The name has varied a little depending on which poster is more well known for this, but it is usually to Emu.
Curbstomp- When a country somewhat ruins another country's day, by completely annihilating it.
I'd say OPM in CK2 does not imply independence necessarily; just a random count with one province. But that's IMO. Otherwise you've only got Lubeck at game start... and Valencia in 1094 (go Cid!)
Save Scum - To constantly reload from a savegame in order to achieve a desired outcome/avoid an undesired occurrence. Prone to inciting controversy on the forums.

Checksum - a series of four letters after your game's version number (e.g. 1.08 JQDK), displayed during the opening screen. It changes between different versions of the game and when mods are applied. Quoting one's checksum, when asking for assistance or reporting problems, helps others to ensure that you are running a known version of the game. Multiplayer games can only be run if all players have the same checksum.
AFAIK = as far as i know
IIRC = if i remember correctly
IMHO = in my humble opinion
PDS = Paradox Development Studio

to nerf = soften, weaken
to buff = strenghten, boost


BLC - Better lookong characters
SWMH - Somewhat more historic
VIET - Vanilla Immersion, Events and Traits
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A few more mods that are often mentioned:

PB - Project Balance