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Dear players,

We have decided to release an official and optional Graphic Pack that lets you play with our latest UI enhancements.
Credit goes mainly to Agis Tournas, as well as to ewphoenix123, Inner Circle and TremblingBlue.

The 1.03 beta compatible version can be downloaded here : ftp://ftp.jeux-strategie.com/strategium/Darkest_Hour/DH_Official_Graphic_Pack.rar

[Optional] Download and apply neat or light map colors


  • ScreenSave5.jpg
    1,6 MB · Views: 15.533
  • ScreenSave7.jpg
    1,6 MB · Views: 12.340
  • ScreenSave8.jpg
    1,6 MB · Views: 9.587
  • ScreenSave9.jpg
    1,6 MB · Views: 9.947
  • ScreenSave13.jpg
    1 MB · Views: 8.616
  • ScreenSave15.jpg
    1,5 MB · Views: 8.024
  • ScreenSave16.jpg
    1,4 MB · Views: 8.325
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