Darkest Hour - Dev Diary #24 - Modding Documentation

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As you should know we are pretty busy with the release and working on our first patch, so there haven't been any Dev Diaries for a while, and I don't have that much time to write anything extensive.

But with the release date confusion, I figured we all deserve a tease, to help over the hopefully last week of waiting.

By now you should all be familiar, with the phrases, "By fans, for fans" and more importantly "By modders, for modders".

This doesn't only refer to the amount of work we invested, maintaining mod compability and adding new modding features, but also in the amount of documentation we tried to include.

There is a huge amount of knowledge about modding Hearts of Iron games spread around in the community, but most of it was never properly documented.
And of course the enginechanges we made, lead to a lot of new tricks.

So whenever we found something useful, we tried to make at least a note of it and included it in our "Modding Documentation" folder, which is already around 50mb.

Perhabs you would like a little sneak peek? :cool:


And now back to work. :p
Awesome! :D
Fantastic idea - not only does it help established and veteran modders and add an incentive for them to work on DH, but it encourages non-modders to have a go. I'd be tempted to create some unique AAR ideas with all of this!
50MB all for modding documentation? That is dope.

Also, "map coulours index" :D