Dark Forest Achievement Issues

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Apr 25, 2016
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Hey folks,

I wanted to ask everyone before posting a bug report, is anyone else having issue getting the Dark Forest achievement? In my most recent save, I have exterminated all fallen empires, regular civs, and enclaves, but the achievement did not fire. I also have exterminated all pre-ftl civs and space fauna, but that has not worked either. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

The checksum is not modified, I was able to get the Growing Like Weeds achievement prior to writing this.

I have attached the save to this post. Feel free to check it out if you want, I may have missed a mercenary band, but I'm pretty sure I got them all.


  • erbonitestellarimperium2_1190430661.zip
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The only thing I could find was the Enigmatic cache which annoyingly cannot be killed. There are 3 enemy species in the species tab but they are all listed as zero pops. Why are they still in the list? Maybe that is causing the trouble? I even checked the L-Cluster because that wasn't unlocked yet but amazingly you had a completely empty L-Cluster.

Bugged is all I can say.
I discovered that special "country" Gray that is there purely for contact screen to tell Gray to turn into governor, army or ship prevents this achievement from triggering.
I suspect other similar pseudo countries can act in a similar manner.

Also, this achievement requires pre-ftl to be purged as well. Description is misleading.
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