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Jun 28, 2007

It is with sadness I write that my very good friend Daniel passed away a few days ago.
As I know he was very active in the EU2 community and played in several games with some of you I write this post to inform you.

Rest in peace, Daniel.

This comes as a real shock. Daniel A was one the players i liked to play with most :(.

Rest in peace.
Damn.. That's quite a shock, and unexpected.

Was he ill?

Rest in peace, Daniel.
rest in peace daniel
And i was just the other day speaking with him about creating a new weekend game...

I thought this was a joke at first, but it seems our friend Daniel is not really amongst us, acordingly to the swedish bridge forums. Wherever you are Daniel, despite our diferences, know that everyone loved you!

It was always a pleasure playing with you and we will all miss you! Goodbye!
Rest in Peace, Daniel. A good man you were - we had our differences but that is irelevant now. I wish you the best wherever you are...

Edit : I can´t help but notice Daniel A. appears to be online this very moment. Is this some kind of cruel joke?
One of my favorite players, a truly unique player in his own right. You brought things to MP that nobody had thought of, bringing order to GMing, and a lot of really long posts, which were fun and stimulating to respond to. And aggravating; like a teacher, I have hated you at times for the trouble you've given me, and loved you for the lessons you've taught me, your integrity, your honesty, your fluent, descriptive mastery of English, your game commentary, and many of your posts in general have been nothing but a pleasure to read.

Nobody was as reliable as you, either. I'm deeply sorry that our last time together was such an unpleasant one. Rest in peace.
Really sad to hear this but i've been fearing it since sunday.. Never fun to lose someone that u consider a friend. Daniel thought me much about the game and many other things out side eu2. at times like these i can't stop remembering the times on TS where we joked about taking over the world or when we argued when peace deals took forever.

Sadly to say i never meet daniel even tho he lived in the same town, but even tho we never meet i consider Daniel as a friend and one of the best online players i've ever meet in all the years i've played.

R.I.P Daniel
Even though I have been pissed on you for petty reasons I had started to admire you. This is like a nightmare and I can't say more really.

R.I.P. Daniel.
Daniel... :(