Danger levels since patch and floating bridge pieces. (Pc)

Danger levels since patch and floating bridge pieces. (Pc)

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Jan 31, 2021
So since the update I can't seem to do anything to reduce Danger level. It sits on Max and never icreases or decreases.

I've tried giving up to 4 meals a day and basically given the entire Prison full free time, increased the quality of rooms, fired Armed Guards, reduced all punishmets to nearly nothing, increased patrols, increased privileges... no movement whatsoever with the Danger level. Anyone have a suggestion that may help?

Also I had a foot bridge that I dismantled, but now a piece of it is left hovering. I can't do anything with it, and can't build on it or connect a bridge to it. It's permanently stuck hovering mid air.


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Feb 20, 2021
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I'm happy to see it is not just me. I was always able to get to a low-risk prison where most were happy, but now I always run into problem and all prisoners are unhappy, which leads to riots and murders all the time. I like a challenge but this is too much.