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Dec 3, 2003
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I believe I have the right forum, my appologies if it belongs in bugs, but bugs seems to be flaws in the game system. My stats:
1520 Scenario
Windows XP (though I don't think that's an issue)

My problem is that around 1548-9 something happens where I can play normally, but when I try and reload, I get a CTD about 20% through the loading. I can't tell when it kicks in and worse, it doesn't seem to kick in at the same. I've had it kick in October 48 to September 49 and I can't seem to link it with a single event. Any advice on how to track this problem down?
Thank you so much in advance.


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Mar 12, 2002
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We do not support user made mods, you need to contact the makers of that mod.
I will move you to that forum.


Jun 18, 2001
Unfortunately this is a "known" problem with the 1520 scenario... "known" as in we know about it, but don't know what causes it or how to fix it. So the 1520 scenario is, sadly, unplayable for the near future (including in the upcoming 1.37 release). :(


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May 19, 2004
Norrefeldt said:
Seems so. :( I have tried to load saves from the 1520s, and that works. Quite time consuming to find this error, and I don't think I'll have that time before 1.37.
I already have some effort to reduce probability of corrupted save files. Honestly there's still problem with that. ( i have 2 corrupted save files from 8 save files, but i'm so lucky my last save file running well in my 20 years game.
Just try this
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Oct 16, 2002
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I keep telling you guys: Do a search for duplicate city IDs, I'm 90% sure that's the problem.


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Dec 3, 2003
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I forgot to say thanks. Thanks! :)