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Jul 10, 2012
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I am going to be honest. I have played many many many hours of paradox games. You know what I hate? Rebels. Doesn't matter the form. They can be rebels in someone else's lands, hate them. They can be rebels against me, hate them. They can be former rebels who got free, hate them too. They all need a good flogging, or shooting, or imprisoning, or spacing, or fire them into the sun. Which is why we turn to Etruria. Yes there was a time when the Etruscans helped to make Rome the power it was. How is this returned? With treachery and rebellion! Well screw that! And screw them! Down with Rome I say! Also feel free to comment here or on my channel as you wish.


Don't worry allies in the Greece area. I will totally come help you with your wars as soon as I have boats. Any day now...

And no surprise I can't keep myself to a decent recording length. My apologies!

I will be honest I don't like the idea that the Etruscan people are tribal in this game. Doesn't fit what I know of them. I suppose limited options to start though.

I am not sure how this force a white peace thing works. Hopefully it doesn't sabotage me.

I should probably get around to actually building some boats sometime. One day...one day.

The only real thing keeping me from punching Rome I think is my fear of doooooom.

Ok Rome it is time to put all our cards on the uhh...mensa? I think that is the right latin word. Well are cards are somewhere.

I will not let Rome regain their chance to rise to power. We will slowly break them down I promise you. No more traitors!

I think I have mostly abused my allies in the east for making my ledger of power look good don't you? I can stand on my own feet now.

Though Rome is surely humbled and now merely needs to be mopped up the power of Carthage and Macedon will rise in their spheres. Will they become friends or foes?

Need to tech up so I can stop being a tribal group. It is coming along just needs some work still. Then we can shed this for something superior!

I am pretty pleased at my ability to manage the disloyal so far without them getting enough strength to fight me.

Really liking how big my name looks in Italy on the map. Sadly I fear our glorious leader will not live long enough to become a King.

Really liking how big my name looks in Italy on the map. Sadly I fear our glorious leader will not live long enough to become a King.

I really need to find a way to get more supply limit. My troops just starve everywhere it feels like.

There may be no more Roman territory in the region but I really think I have to conquer all the land south of me to ensure nothing similar pops up.

I need a way to make that tribe that governs over Sardinia, or whatever we call it these days, into my loyal goon. Must figure out the system!

So once I tame the local region should I look to the civilised neighbours in the east or something a little more wild in the west?

I feel like there should be a big island for Venice. I blame too much CK2 and EU4.