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Mar 29, 2020
I launched the game and got the bad situation the game doesn't see both DLC (Halflings and Necro). I tried to remove user content, AoW3 folder in "My Documents\My Games\", reinstale the game via Steam UI. But everything I got the game started to see the DLCs (It draw markers in left-upper corner) but no Custom scenarios from them no races from them. Something happened with internal registration or what.

Finally I fixed the problem using archived game copy made couple years ago for coping it on PC which has only 4G-Internet via cell-phone so I used to copy game files on HDD and then launch the Steam installation to this folder.

So I made the same operation unpacked game's files launched Steam's installation which verified files and said it's OK without downloading anything. Now I'm confused since the intallation didn't download a thing I assume that my copy from 2018 must be equal to the files which Steam downloads but why downloading of the game didn't help?