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Jan 19, 2008
There seems to be so little on this topic in the forums here and on the net. So i'll ask my question and hopefully get an answer too.

I bought Crusader Kings some months ago and I must say I love it. Recently I bought the Deus Vult expansion. I've always got the latest patch. Yesterday I bought the game for my friend as a gift, since i've always told him about it but he never knew where to purchase a copy. We really want to play online, that way we can have empires together and I can teach him the games inner workings. However as I mentioned I have Deus Vult, he just has the regular game, which he updated to 1.05. Can we play together?

If the answer is yes, how can we go about playing together. Which is the best method of connection. Is it best if we give each other our IP addresses and then go from there, or use Valkyrienet. Whenever I use Valkyrie, I never see anyone in the Crusader channels, hardly anyone in other channels, and no games going on. Why is this?

Any help you could provide would be wonderful.



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You must have the same version of the game to play. However, it should be possible for you to uninstall your CK, reinstall vanilla (without DV), patch to 1.5, and then play.

You will probably need to open your router ports; there is a stickied thread in this forum on how to do that.

Vnet or IP addresses work equally well. You never see anyone in Vnet because there is only one regular CK MP game at the moment, and nobody comes to Vnet looking for a pickup game because, well, nobody comes to Vnet looking for a pickup game. Not that the pickup model works very well for Pdox anyway; you can rely on getting maybe 10 years in a four-hour session, which isn't very much.