Crusader Kings III - Known Issues - 1.3

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Jul 21, 2020
Howdy all,

Since this is a large update, here is a list of the issues we are currently aware of and working on!

Crusader Kings III 1.3.0 Known Issues List​

New for 1.3.0:

Looting won't make your army hostile to the looted country if you are a vassal.
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.

"Dynasty_house_view_progress_label" string is visible when viewing the Dynasty and legacy view in German language
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.

Certain signature weapons may be unlocalised in German during duels
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.

Map flashes black and white while zooming in and out on Mac Big Sur
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.

Crash after change of LOD during multiplayer session on MacOS
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing; do not switch graphical settings while in Multiplayer to help rectify.

Missing translation for "In 1 Playset" in the "All Installed Mods" for French and Portuguese languages
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.

MP game may Out of Sync when client and host play in different languages, most commonly experienced with the client playing in Chinese
Resolution: Can be avoided by matching client and host language. Investigations are ongoing.

'King of all the Isles' achievement may display as impossible
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing. Please note that whilst it may display as impossible, this achievement is still unlockable by players.

From 1.2.2:

Embassies, Friendly Counsel, and Sound Foundations perks should have stat gains capped at 5, but give no stat gains at all in pre-1.2.1 saves.
Resolution: Starting a new game will fix the issue.

Game may fail to update when being run through the Paradox Launcher app
Resolution: Uninstalling and reinstalling the game should fix this.

Larger MP games may cause some users to be logged out of their Paradox accounts.
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.


Multiplayer save games may incorrectly display information
Resolution: Investigations are ongoing.

From 1.1.3:

[Compatibility][Win 8.1] Title fails to launch on Win 8.1 until Windows Update is run
Resolution: This issue is resolved by the player running Windows Update

[Compatibility] Out of date drivers can cause the map zoom to ‘lock’ and only zoom in/out on Coat of Arms
Resolution: This issue is resolved by the player updating their drivers

[Mac] Paradox launcher not opening when playing from Steam on macOS Catalina.
Resolution: This is a seemingly rare issue that can be resolved by verifying game files.
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