Crusader Kings II - General information, FAQ, Game Guides etc

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What version of the game do I have?
If you bought it on Gamersgate, you have the special GG version.
Otherwise, you most likely have a Steam version. Check before you buy though.

*** UPDATE *** The GamersGate special version is deprecated, after 2.0.2 only the Steam version is supported. See the link in post #5 below

What is the difference?
None really, except how you get expansions & DLC, otherwise the versions are identical.

Is there a DRM?
There is no DRM on Crusader Kings II. The GG version requires activation of DLCs or expansions on every PC you put it on, but there is no activation limit on it.

How do I get my DLC & Mini-expansions?
If you have a Steam version, you get it through either activating a Steam-code if you buy it from anywhere else, or buy it through the steam store overlay in the game.
If you have a GG version, you buy everything through the ingame store, using bluecoins, and it will be downloaded.

What if I reinstalll on another Computer?
  • On Steam, its automatic when you log into steam and select to install your game.
  • On a GG version, to verify your DLCs, just log into the store once and then restart the game.
How will patches work
Our goal is to have the patches released at the same time, so as soon as we hear back from Steam that they are propagating a patch, then the GG version will have its patch enabled.
Expect patches to be released at 17.00-20.00 CET.

What about Mac?
  • Mac will work the same way as PC, when the Mac version is ready.
  • The Mac version is not available at February 14th, but we aim to have it very soon afterwards.
  • Some sites may bundle Mac & PC in the same purchase, check with your retailer.
Where can I get Crusader Kings II?
Here is the link to all retailers that sell the game, expansions & DLC:s:

Web page:
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Crusader Kings II - FAQ

Q: Is the game available for Mac?
A: Yes, there is both a Steam and a Gamersgate version.

Q: Where can I find the CKII manual?
A: You can download it in 4 different languages here:

Q: I have technical feedback on the game, where should I post that?
A: In the technical CK II forum

Q: I can’t post on this forum, why is that?
A: If you are completely new to the Paradox forum, it will take a couple of days before you can make your first post as that is how the forum is set up. For the rest of you, you will be able to post without registering, but to start a new thread, registration will be needed. It will also be needed to access the sub forums.

Q: Anywhere else besides the forum I can hear what's going on about CKII or get in touch with Paradox?
A: Yes! We're always listening on Twitter: and We promise to try to respond as much as possible.

Common questions that may occur will be added to this FAQ as they are asked.
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