Crusader Kings II - Hot Fix - NOT for problem reports! [checksum XKJY].

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there has been issues reported that causes problems related to focuses, in particular for user that don't use both Conclave and Way of Life, we've fixed the ones we found most critical.

We had this as a beta patch for the past days and have now put it live for everyone.

Note that we are working on the changes @Doomdark proposed in another thread but those changes are something not suitable for a hot fix and will be released when we're ready with 2.5.2. More info to come on that next week.

Changelog: 2016-02-03
- Fixed a bug that caused children to not get a proper education outcome if you had the Conclave dlc enabled but not the Way of Life dlc.
- Players can no longer pick focuses that they aren't eligible for
- Fixed an issue where an under-age vassal ruler couldn't pick childhood or education focus for yourself unless you had the Way of Life dlc enabled.
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