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Apr 26, 2013
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The official Crusader Kings 3 community wiki is now up and running.

The wiki is meant to be a source of information for both new and experienced players, as well as our hardy community modders.

We invite you all to join us in building the wiki together as the game evolves and make it as great as the CK2 wiki is :)

Paradox Wikis moderation team
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Finally, I was asking for this since the reveal
As all the popups and encyclopedia is automagically generated in CK3, maybe it's possible to build a script that can generate the Wiki from those files and rebuild it every new version?

It's far from my skillset, but I'm just throwing the idea out there.

Yeh I’m kinda hoping i don’t need the wiki. Everything being in game is where it’s most useful as it’s in context.
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Actually it's the other way around. The popups are great but by no means complete and the wiki will always have more information it looks like. Also the format of the 2 doesn't really work well together.
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Plus the wiki will still be invaluable for helping modders figure out how everything works (that's what I used it for mostly when playing CK2 anyway)
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Incredible how quickly these things pop up! (though I presume the devs were using this privately before, and now it's finally made public?)
I managed to "find" it, it was set to private before launch; but I don't know who had access before that.

edited the following day to add:
actually, its easy to find out who, check the "history" for each page!
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Thank you. A very good help while playing the game.
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How about making the in-game encyclopedia publicly editable too?

I think that would be far more prone to vandalism, because everyone will come across the encyclopedia while only people who look for it come across the wiki.

Also, it would be very annoying if you need internet in order to access the in-game encyclopedia.
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But then you get the Vandal trait with -10 general opinion and lose the ability to edit the encyclopedia in the future.

The offline version can be updated from the online version with each new version of the game.
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I would love to have the wiki in the native language (german in my case). I think this should be possible since in the game the encyclopedia is translated anyway?

We're limited by the language skills of the moderating team. While we do have multi-language wikis for HOI4 they have a severely restricted editor pool to prevent vandalism. I speak English and can semi function in French but I would not want to moderate a wiki in French.

This all being said, the license for the content of the wikis is relatively generous, see the link at the bottom of the main page. There's nothing stopping you setting up your own wiki and translating the content. If you do this, please be careful with images as each image should have its own copyright notice.