Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary #39 - Achievements Showcase

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Juniorest Content Designer
May 14, 2018
Greetings, dear friends, and welcome to the final pre-release dev diary! Today, we’ll be doing something nice and light, since we know you’re all hyped for the release next month, and couldn’t possibly stand the tension otherwise.

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at what achievements you can get, and the ways of getting them. As we’re so close to release, we’ll be taking a gander at the full list!

… With apologies in advance for the puns. -_- They forced me to implement them.


  1. A House of my Own: create a cadet branch of your dynasty.
  2. A Legacy to Last the Ages: complete an entire dynasty legacy path.
  3. A Name Known Throughout the World: have your dynasty reach the highest possible level of renown.
  4. A Perfect Circle: have only two distinct parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, counting absent ancestors as individual characters.
  5. Above God: have a strong hook on your head of faith.
  6. Al-Andalus: starting as an Iberian Muslim, control all of Iberia and take the Avenge the Battle of Tours decision.

  1. Álmost There: as Álmos Árpád, form Hungary & convert to Christianity.
  2. An Unfortunate Accident: inherit a title from someone via murder.
  3. Bad Blood: go to war with one of your siblings over a claim.
  4. Beacon of Progress: have your culture unlock all innovations, excluding regional and culture-specific innovations.
  5. Blood Eagle: starting as any child of Ragnarr Lothbrok, conquer all of the British Isles.
  6. Carolingian Consolidation: starting as a Karling, be the only independent Karling to hold a landed title.

  1. Celebrity: reach the highest possible level of fame.
  2. Death Did Us Part: murder your spouse.
  3. Dreadful Ruler: have the maximum amount of dread.
  4. End of an Era: play until 1453.
  5. Fine Print: use a hook to modify a feudal contract.
  6. Followed by Shadows: know ten secrets simultaneously.

  1. For the Faith: take part in a successful Great Holy War, on either side.
  2. Frankokratia: as a French Catholic, hold and completely control the Kingdom of Thessalonika without holding or being vassalised to the Byzantine Empire.
  3. From Rags to Riches: starting as a count, lead your line to rule an empire.
  4. Give a Dog a Bone: starting as Matilda of Tuscany, lead your dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Italy, have at least fifty living dynasty members, and found a Holy Order.
  5. Going Places: as Haesteinn of Montaigu in 867, hold any kingdom-tier title.
  6. It’s not a Cult: create a faith.

  1. Keeping it in the Family: have a child with the inbred trait.
  2. Kings to the Seventh Generation: starting as Count Eudes of Anjou in 867, lead your dynasty to rule the Kingdom of France.
  3. Know Your Place: defeat a faction in war.
  4. Land of the Rus: starting as Rurik the Troublemaker in 867, lead your dynasty to rule the Empire of Russia.
  5. Last Count, First King: starting as Duke Nuno of Portucale in 1066, form Portugal.
  6. Monumental: fully upgrade a duchy building anywhere in your personal domain.

  1. Mother of Us All: starting as Magajiva Daura, reform an African pagan faith, and convert all counties in Africa to it.
  2. Moving up in the World: increase your rank.
  3. Non Nobis Domine: found a holy order.
  4. Norman Yoke: starting as William the Bastard in 1066, win the Norman Invasion, become English, and have only English Vassals below you in the Kingdom of England.
  5. Not So Feudal System: use the claim throne scheme successfully.
  6. Paragon of Virtue: have three or more virtuous traits.

  1. Prolific: have one hundred living dynasty members.
  2. Reconquista: starting as an Iberian Christian, convert all of Iberia to Christianity.
  3. Rise from the Ashes: restore the Roman Empire.
  4. Royal Dignity: starting as Vratislav Premyslid in 1066, lead your dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Bohemia & the Holy Roman Empire simultaneously.
  5. Saint: reach the highest possible level of devotion.
  6. Seductive: as any one character, successfully seduce ten people.

  1. Seven Holy Cities: as a Hindu ruler, hold all seven Hindu holy sites at the same time.
  2. Sibling Rivalry: starting as any of the Jimena siblings in 1066, become Emperor of Spain.
  3. Stressful Situation: suffer a mental break.
  4. The Emerald Isle: starting as an Irish ruler, hold the Kingdom of Ireland.
  5. The Emperor’s New Clothes: while holding any empire title, be naked.
  6. The Succession is Safe: have ten living children.

  1. The Things Love Does for Us: have a lover save you from a murder attempt.
  2. The Things We Do for Love: murder your lover’s spouse.
  3. Trapped in the Web: have strong hooks on three direct vassals.
  4. Turning to Diamonds: reach the highest possible stress level.
  5. Until Death Do Us Part: marry another character.
  6. Way of Life: obtain every perk in a lifestyle.

  1. What Nepotism?: have your dynasty rule ten independent realms of at least kingdom tier simultaneously.
  2. Wily as the Fox: starting as Robert the Fox in 1066, rule the Kingdom of Sicily, hold either the Kingdom of Epirus, Hellas, or Thessalonika, and convert all of its original counties to Catholicism.

And with that, we come to the end of the showcase! Anything here that particularly caught your eye, or something you’d like to have seen? I’ll be hanging around in the comments for a couple of hours afterwards, per the usual, so feel free to tag me with any questions you may have.
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Juniorest Content Designer
May 14, 2018
Really loving this so far. Will there be a way to jump to an achievement-related character in the selection? To instantly find character's like Magajiva Daura, where not everybody might know where to find them.
:) There isn't at the moment, but every named character here is already a bookmark character, so you'll see them in the starting interface anyway.

hum the battle of tours was at Poitiers, far away from Iberia. What does this mean ?
Both sides of the Pyrenees, Tours was symbolic of the end of Islamic expansion into Western Europe. Honestly, how true that actually is is probably up for some debate (after all, the Umayyad Caliphate was only about twenty years out from the Abbasid Revolution at the time), but it holds a certain emotional & cultural significance nonetheless. :) Poitiers itself isn't particularly relevant beyond being the site of the battle.

-Going Places: as Haesteinn of Montaigu in 867, hold any kingdom-tier title.
Did Hastein of Nantes get a rename?
-Seven Holy Cities: as a Hindu ruler, hold all seven Hindu holy sites at the same time.
So holy sites are back in? Do all religions have seven holy sites?
-Wily as the Fox: starting as Robert the Fox in 1066, rule the Kingdom of Sicily, hold either the Kingdom of Epirus, Hellas, or Thessalonika, and convert all of its original counties to Catholicism.
Do you need to achieve this whilst Robert, or also as his descendants?
  • He got a slight shift, rather than a rename.
  • Holy sites are indeed, and you can read more about them in the religion dev diary!
  • As long as you start as him and are playing one of his descendants, then ye're golden. It'd only not work if you started as someone else and married into his family.

I don't think we ever saw the crusades mechanic, if you're able to show that off (or link the dev diary if I missed it)?
I don't believe we have, I'm afraid. :D But, hey, only gotta wait till next week!

You better improve the Family Tree viewer for that perfect circle achievement! :Cruel: :Cynical:

Also, Holy Order conformed!
Indeed, and you can read more about them here.

Last dev diary before release. It's been a pleasant ride and they've all been great <3
^^ B'aww! Y'all have been great! We're so hyped to see all the enthusiasm!

There really should have been an achievement for becoming HRE as an inbred Habsburg, but that aside not a bad list.
I. You. That.


[distant note scribbling sounds]

Also, "The Emperor’s New Clothes: while holding any empire title, be naked. " - I do hope it requires "lunatic" or something similar. Or a religion with "nakedness" as a tenet, perhaps?
There are a number of ways to become naked, running the gamut from religious, to mental illness, to events.

Wait, wait a second... It may just be the name of the achievement, but... can the player have a hand in founding the Templars?
:) You certainly can.

I've obtained at least five of these achievements in real life.
_This concerns me_.
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Juniorest Content Designer
May 14, 2018
I'm a little concerned there are no achievements mentioned related to Crusades or taking Jerusalem/founding the kingdom thereof. Are there achievements that weren't mentioned to keep us further in suspense?
Ah, ye've missed "For the Faith", my friend. It's just not Jerusalem-specific, though Catholicism will usually go for Jerusalem over most other targets. Otherwise, this is the full list.

I am also very disappointed there's no achievement to form England as Alfred or one of his descendants. That's a serious missed opportunity. :(

Honestly, I spend far too much time talking up Alfred at every available opportunity as-is. :p Rest assured, whilst he may not have a related achievement, he's well looked after.

Waaay too many easy achievements.

I understand that there need to be some easy achievements, but where once that was 5-10 maybe 15, it seems to be the bulk of them are easy.

Common occurences such as getting married or having a stress break have no value as achievements.

How many cool challenges were sacrificed so that we could give new players this many easy achievements?
Hmm, I'd estimate maybe... about 1? :) It's a valid concern ye've got, and it's certainly something we were aware of when picking which achievement ideas to go with. The simple achievements here are really rather easy to set up, usually being a very flat check, and anything more complex takes a little more time to hook in elegantly and test. The easy achievements we have were decided to be a good amount of beginner achievements without sacrificing anything more interesting to do. Apart from Death Do Us Part, which is just a setup for Death Did Us Part, which I, personally, find absolutely hilarious, but I'm rather a simple sort of guy.

Do hastein and others still start with event troops or is that scrapped as a game mechanic?
Hasteinn and a number of other rulers do indeed have event troops, or can spawn them via event/decision.
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Juniorest Content Designer
May 14, 2018
Sorry if it sounds like I'm holding this way too close to heart, but in France this event has been mythified beyond reason and is still, to this day, instrumentalized by far right figures, who conflate it with a "civilization clash" - so it's a tad sensible a subject. I won't complain if "avenge the battle of Tours" is portrayed as "get the expansion going once again", but seeing how this event is constantly being portrayed, I'm not really hopeful.
Nah, you're fine, mate, it's perfectly reasonable to be concerned about such things. Reading through it, that decision is portrayed more as an announcement by yourself as an Islamic ruler, with dramatic effects on the Christians under your rule for shattering something which is a bit of an icon to them. It's sort of an act of political pageantry by a powerful Iberian Muslim looking to legitimise conquests in southern France, using the folklore of your subjects against them.

How realistic would it be to attempt to get all of these achievements before the release of the first flavour pack? ;)
:p Aha, sneaky approach, but no comment.

Not sure if it'd be elegant, but maybe you could have made some of the character-exclusive achievs be literally exclusive to them, aka my man Álmos - and not his descendants - has to form Hungary by himself.
The issue there is that then such an achievement is subject to a moderate amount of RNG. That's not so bad if the achievement is something the player doesn't have to work for (easy come, easy go), but to play perfectly well only to get struck down by tuberculosis just as you're pressing the button to win, with no recourse to come back from that, is a bit of a rage trap. :) Not to say that we'd absolutely never have a character-specific achievement, but challenges should always strive to be fun because they're interesting, weird, and/or difficult, and that means you shouldn't be irreversibly screwed over by things you couldn't possibly have avoided. Instead, we try to boost the difficulty/scale of what's required, to account for the fact that you can achieve it over multiple generations.

Side-note: it's actually far easier to get that achievement with Arpad than it is with most of his descendants, assuming you don't invade Pannonia immediately. He's got zero troubles at game start and Pannonia mostly belongs to a Bulgaria suffering from internal tensions. If Bulgaria gets stronger, Pannonia fragments out (or worse: gets gobbled into the HRE/ERE), or you get attacked by people around you, you'll have a harder time migrating.

I assume Ironman-Mode is once more necessary for the achievements?
It is indeed!

My one complaint is that this should be "I am altering the Deal"
:p Yeah, you're not wrong, I think we missed a trick on that one. Mea culpa.

It has to be done with one of the siblings? Or just the start?
With one of the Jimena siblings: Urraca, Sancho, Alfonso, or Garcia. We actually do allow the achievement for Elvira also, but she starts unlanded, so she's not playable.
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Juniorest Content Designer
May 14, 2018
I'd like to know how many vanity characters are in the game, and if posible were... unles they are +500... in that case I think I can survive without that information
Hmm, not really sure, I'm afraid. At least a couple of dozen, though certainly not everyone who's worked on CK3 has made a vanity .

are the achievements checksum locked? how inflexible are the checksum? sometimes I just cant decide between playing HIP or getting achievements and also between using that in Heavens' graphical map mod vs ironman compatible pure vanila CK2 map
I'm not quite sure what the checksum does and doesn't allow offhand, but achievements are checksum locked, yes.

As someone who loves achievements to a point of obsession this was the Dev Diary i looked forward to more than any other, so thank you for writing it.
^^ Happy to hear!

I'm curious about the "Endgame Tags" that we finished out CKII with, like formable India, Outremer, Slavic Union, and so on - any confirmation whether there'll be similar ones in CKIII? If not, I might have an idea for my first mod.
:) India, Outremer, & Slavia are all in the title as formable via decision, though we don't have an endgame tags system like EUIV does.
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