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Oct 3, 2004
I found a crash bug a few months ago in the scenario (1944-1948).
Every time i come to 0:00 October 3, 1944 the game crashes.
This happened in Hearts of Iron v1.06c...

So Last night i tried it in HoI Platinum and its still there. :wacko:
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Oct 3, 2004
Nah i forgott to put Autosave on.
But i just noticed that the dates have nothing to do with the crash.
It only happens when i take half of Germany. Maby its somekind of event thats corrupt. Assing beta testers to try Annexing Germany in Gotterdammerung (1944-1948). I bet a few will get crashed.

Btw. If its any help I used the cheat Fullcontrol to disband all retreating german divisions. :rofl:
That explanes how i got to berlin in September 1944.



Jul 15, 2002
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Steel said:
Do you have a savegame from a few days before the crash? Zip/rar and email to steel@melachea.demon.co.uk, please mention in subject or text of email it's a Platinum version crash.

I have attempted in vain to load the v85 C.O.R.E. patch onto my Platinum HOI where can I get help on loading it? Unrelated...I use to have a picture icon when I was on the Legion forum what happened?


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Jun 10, 2002
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ordoprinceps said:
Unrelated...I use to have a picture icon when I was on the Legion forum what happened?
If you mean the shields or flags most people have under their name & rank on the forum you need to go into User CP and select Edit Avatar under Settings & Options.