Sep 20, 2019
So for whatever reason, whenever I visit the mountain spire for the second time my whole computer crashes and reboots. I've been able to replicate this experience across two different characters with similar choices. The first time I take the spire in Vendrien's Well everything loads just fine, after that I'm able to travel to Lethian's Crossing and take the sunset spire, then to the Bastard City to speak with Tunon. After that I can go to Cacophony and meet with the voices OR go back to the Mountain Spire... If I choose the voices the game continues just fine, if I choose the mountain spire my whole system reboots.

On my first character I've even gone as far as ending the Edict of Fire without ever visiting the mountain spire again, but I can't go the whole game without ever visiting the mountain spire.

Not sure if it's a bugged quest or something related to my allegiances with all of the factions, I've been reluctant to look into quest titles and anything that might spoil the story for me so I'm hoping you guys might have a solution for me.

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