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Got bored in 1947 playing as Romania, and decided to mess around with diplomacy a bit. So I went and took control of Bulgaria/Germany/Czech/Yugoslavia/Finland's militaries.

Two weird things happened because of this:
#1: When they grant (or deny, I guess, never had anyone reject it) you military control, the country name doesn't appear in the popup.. "The country of _____ has granted us control" or somesuch. No country name. Nice.

#2: Naval units go phantom. You can select their navies, sometimes you end up with ships, sometimes you end up with a general sailing around with no ships. Reminds me of EU2.

On another note, after a country has been annexed/split up between the winners/whatever (wasnt really paying attention), if you control the capitol and install a puppet regime, it takes all of the now-owned provinces from your allies and rebuilds the old country. Bulgaria had pretty much all of Yugoslavia, I created puppet Yugoslavia out of Bulgarian terrirory? Not likely to happen.

IC dropping when you have uber surpluses of everything (15k coal, 20k steel, 10k rubber, 90k oil) doesn't make a lot of sense. I haven't really bothered reading the manual for an answer to this but it seems odd.

I also haven't seen the dissent level drop at all, despite installing new ministers of security (I've seen it randomly raise a lot, though). It would be nice if you could see the modifiers for dissent or something, instead of saying it will decrease by -0.00 every day.

Also, I don't think Germany would grant Romania military control. Ever. It's just one of those things that doesn't seem terribly feasible in any way.

Other than that, it's a fun game, albeit a bit overwhelming at first. I'd like to see a way you could select multiple divisions/fleets/etc and deploy them all at once instead of having to open the army window, select the army, deploy it, open the window, select the army, deploy it, open the window, select the army, deploy it, etc etc etc. That got old enough for me to stop playing Japan _real_ fast. I also really dislike the Soviet event to surrender to Germany and give Germany everything, despite the fact that it was me more than anyone else who plowed through the Russian hordes. At least a small consolation prize of a few provinces would be nice, instead of destroying my IC output all of a sudden. A popup box letting me know when/why I can't support my current max IC would be nice as well.

Good work on HOI, though :)


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In future please post each bug in a seperate thread, it makes tracking them much easier. Thanks