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Counts and CrossBows.
A Mount and Blade Warband AAR in the Format of a TableTop RPG

Some Say The Best Ideas Come in a Flash of Inspiration. Well I hope some people say that and I Hope It's True. Anyway This is also Partially Inspired by the Web Comic Darths and Droids. Now If you can do a Table top RPG of a Movie why not a Computer Based RPG. Well I hoping this goes well. Update will arrive Shortly.​


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Prologue: Beginning of an Adventure

GM: Hey Mark Good You could Make it.

Mark: Steve not here yet.

GM: Delayed at work I think He should be here soon. Lets start this early Bit works best with one PC anyway. You'll Have to roll to determine Who you are which changes base Stats and Abilities.

Mark: Cool. [Roll][Roll][Roll] 18,16,20

GM: Umm Reroll that 20 it doesn't fit nicely in the table.

Mark:[Roll][Roll] 18,15

GM: Hmm Not too shabby. Your father was a thief and you became a street urchin in your childhood before going on to be a game Poacher but then left that as you lusted for Power and Wealth which you lacked at the time.

Mark: Hmm Doesn't Seem too Bad does it. Now to Finish off Filling in my Character Stats.


GM: Actually I went to the Extensive lengths of Generating Pictures for all Notable Characters and troops classes in this Game that may turn up so you can have an Idea who your talking to. Any way Here's you. Also Roll to see where you end up.


Mark: Ohh I look good. [Roll] 15.

GM: Off to the Kingdom of Rhodoks we go. A Land of Counts and Crossbows. Mountains and Forests. and Well Trained Men armed with Spears and Crossbows.

Mark: Umm what's the name of this land.

GM: Ummm Middle earth.

Mark: Nah too Vikingy

Gm: Umm Ok then how about Narnia

Mark: Umm Better but hasn't someone already used that.

GM: Oh yeh Calradia then.

Mark: I think we have a winner there.

GM: Here's the Map anyway.


Mark: Sweet looking Map you have there.

GM: Anyway having arrived in the City of Jelkala you encounter, [roll] 5 a Lone Bandit.

Mark: Wait what weapons do I have to hand.

Gm:[Roll] 2 You fumble and are only able to grab some throwing Knives before he is upon you.

Mark: I Throw one in his face.[Roll] 14

GM: He's wounded but keeps coming and Swings his weapon at you. Make a parry roll at Minus 4.

Mark: Uhh why minus 4

GM: You wielding Knives meant to be Thrown not used to Block attacks.

Mark: Umm ok then [Roll] 4 oh thats bad.

GM: He hits you with his weapons and Does light damage knocking you backwards.

Mark: Really that little damage.

GM: He's a weak Poorly Equiped Bandit and I don't want you being killed by the First Enemy.

Mark: I throw More Knives at Him [Roll] 19 oh yeh.

GM: You swiftly throw two knives at him killing Him.

Mark: Yippe I loot the body.

GM: [Roll] 4 A scared Merchant Pulls you Inside before you can steal his equipment but he seems to have nothing of value.

Mark: Right what does this Merchant have to say.

Scared Merchant: My good Fellow you have just killed a Feared Regional Bandit. Maybe you are the Chosen one to Finally take down the Bandit King and Free this land from his secret Oppression and rescue my brother who was recently captured.

Mark: My Good Friend. What do you mean Secret Bandit King. and What's in it for me.

Scared Merchant: He's a Bandit lord who controls many groups of Looters and Bandits. The Kings and Nobles of this land seem powerless to stop him. Regional Bandit groups are increasingly falling under his control increasing strength of his forces to the Point that some weaker nobles are scared of him. As for you I have some gold to offer for saving my Brother and the various nobles and Guild masters will pay handsomely for destroying Bandit lairs and Killing Bandits. Plus there is loot from the Bandits which could be sold for a small amount of Gold.

Mark: Hmm a Great and Noble Quest I accept.

Scared Merchant: Here's some starting Money I suggest you gather 5 men first to begin fighting small Bandit groups.

GM: So to nearby Villages to Gather men.

Mark: First What Equipment do I actually have.

GM: Umm some Dried beef and some furs. Those Throwing knifes. A Now and some arrows and an Axe too heavy for you to lift. Your wearing some lowish quality body army and boots and are riding a horse.


Mark: Oh great lets head to Veluca then.

GM: You arrive at the City of Veluca after several Close encounters with Bandits the Merchant mentioned.

[Knock, Knock]

Steve: Sorry I'm late got held up at work.

Mark: We just started and Nothing of real Importance has happened yet. I head to the tavern to meet Steve's character.

GM: [Roll] 13, Engineer formerly employed in the town but local Trouble has forced him to leave and join up with you. [Roll] 16 You have some fairly Decent body armour and boots and a nice looking sword. [Roll] 11 your a level 7 with some good engineering skills and some tactical knowledge and some know how about trade.

Steve. Cool.



Mark: Looking at how the Skills are set up I suggest you ignore Charisma and Other Charisma Based States. It doesn't help you and I'll need High Charisma and I might as well have high levels in all the Charisma Skills.

Steve: Umm so now What?

Mark: We need to gather Men to start fighting a Evil Bandit King who's running riot over these lands inciting wars and other bad things. We head to Chaeza, Fedner and Ruldi[Roll] 8 [Roll] 10 [Roll] 11.

GM: You recruit 2 then 1, then another 2 Eager Volunteers to your party to command in combat.

Mark: Why did the Village with a Higher roll give less men.

GM: Population differences and the like added a negative modifier to the dice roll.

Mark: Right we head back to Jelkala.

GM: Your heading to the tavern to meet up with the Merchant.

Mark: First I head to the Market Place to buy a Proper Infantry weapon. Oh that Scythe looks good to me.

GM: How can you afford it.

Mark: I sell the useless Axe and I sold the Furs back in Veluca. Then I head to the Tavern to meet up with the Merchant. Steve stay with the Troops keep them ready.

Steve: Aye Aye

Scared Merchant: Oh good you have a reasonable group of men now. I have found a Small group of Bandits nearby lead by I think may be a Lieutenant in the Bandit King's forces. He may know of One of there Hideouts where my Brother Is held.

Mark: This is getting Interesting.

GM: You have no Idea.​
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Cool! I don't play Mount and Blade, but Ill follow this! Nice Style for the updates especially.


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Arya126: That's why I'm writing this It's an interesting Style I don't think has been done before.

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Mark: Ok so there's those Bandits the Merchant was talking about.

Steve: Hmm there are too few of them to have suvived on there own.

Mark: Yeh Something must be up this is a busy area frequented by lords. Maybe he was right about this Bandit King.

Steve: Right so Let's get after him

Mark: Yep And I'm fighting on foot.

GM: Huh Why?

Mark: Well according to your unit Progression tree all Rhodhok troops fight on foot. To be mounted would mean we would charge ahead of them and get killed more easily.

GM: I suppose. Ok then your facing 3 looters and the Bandit leader. Here's the Picture of the Bandit leader it might come up again.


Steve: I say we outflank them in some kind of double envelopment to prevent them breaking out.

Mark: Nonsense this is the first Boss we go against them while the rest of the army hangs back we don't need help fighting mooks.

Steve: I Guess so.

GM: Ok You move towards them and they start throwing rocks. Make a dodge roll at minus 1 due to Distance.

Mark:[Roll] 12.

GM: Several rocks lightly hit you as you struggle to dodge them the Bandit leader charges weapon in hand Followed closely by a Looter.

Mark: I swing my weapon at them using it's superior reach to my advantage. [Roll] 20 [Roll] 17

GM: You knock out the Bandit leader and kill the looter following him. The Other two keep throwing rocks at you. Roll to dodge at minus two as there even closer now.

Mark: [Roll] 11 Hmm that can't be good.

GM: The bandits rocks hit you and do minor damage. Seeing how ineffective there rocks are they charge with there weapons.

Mark: I Slash my Sythe across one's face then the others.[Roll] 20 [Roll] 20. Oh yeh.

GM: Both fall down dead.

Steve: We loot the Bodies and Interrogate the Bandit leader when he wakes up.

GM: Umm Ok You find some low quality Nomad armour and a few Low quality weapons.

Mark: Oh well might be worth something.

GM: A Little while later the Bandit leader wakes up.

Bandit Leader: Ahh Please Don't Kill me I know little of my Master's plans he keeps them to himself.

Mark: I don't need to know of your evil leaders plan I just need to destroy his legions of Bandits. And then Crush him. Maybe you have information that can help in this quest. I'm also looking for a Merchant's Brother as well can you help with that.

Bandit Leader: Wait There is a Small Bandit lair nearby. Close to the Village of ruldi. Now Please Let me go I'll leave this land and Never return.

Rhodok Tribesman: I think this may be a bad Idea.

Mark: Rubbish I said if he gave Information I would let him go.

Steve: I have a Bad feeling about this.

Mark: Ok I Let him leave having taken down detailed description of the Location and let him go.

GM: He swiftly runs away and vanishes among the hills.

Mark: We go to the hideout and sneak up on it.

GM: The looters haven't noticed you yet.

Mark: I charge and swing at the Nearest Looter. [Roll] 16

GM: The Looters charge and more emerge from nearby caves and buildings. Make a parry roll at minus 5 since there are multiple enemies.

Mark: [Roll] 2 oh snap.

GM: You take several hits in the press. [Roll] 19 your allies are beginning to kill off the looter forces.

Mark: I swing at a looter. [Roll] 14 that's a kill right.

GM: Yep another looter down. [Roll] 15 your allies continue to butcher looters One left.

Steve: I swing my Sword at Him. [Roll] 18 yeh that's a dead looter right.

GM: Yes the Merchants Brother Emerges having clearly freed himself during the Fighting.

Merchant Brother: Oh thank you for setting me free I will swiftly return to my brother now.

Mark: Wait did you hear anything of use.

Merchant Brother: No I really must be going I heard very little at all and nothing useful.

Steve: Hey look at this there are spaces here for over a Hundred Bandits. Now If half are out to search for enemies that still leaves a good number.

Mark: The Bandit leader must have sent word here quickly telling them to evacuate and so they pulled out ther best men. He mus have realised that an enormous amount of looters would be needed to stop us and so ordered his men to evacuate.

Steve: Drat we should have kept a grip on him shouldn't we. Lets head back to Town we need to regroup.

Mark: Having arrived At the Town I go to the tavern while Steve stays with the Men.

Scared Merchant: Thank god you have arrived. My Brother spotted a Bandit he recognised from the hideout talking to the watch Captain he must be an agent of the Bandit king.

Mark: I order my army to surge in to kill the bandits.

GM: That will convince the guards your attacking resulting in heavy losses for your men and not doing what you want.

Mark: Ummm Merchant do you have any men I could use inside the city to hunt down the bandits.

Scared Merchant: Actually I've been forming an anti-Bandit coalition with some of the towns folk and a few guards.

Mark: Perfect Order them to take to the streets to purge the Bandits in the Town.

Scared Merchant: But they have no leaders. They need a figure head to rally round to have a hope of wiping out the bandits.

Mark: I will be that leader.

Scared Merchant: Then I'll send the word in half an Hour we will take the fight to the bandits.

GM: You Emerge onto the Streets at the Given Time and the Merchant a number of town folks draw weapons and guards begin fighting as a Few Bandits emerge from side streets to take the fight to the Towns People.

Mark: I charge the Nearest one and swing my weapon at him. [Roll] 20

GM: He falls down dead. [Roll] 10 Your allies are taking losses but are killing the bandits.

Mark: I attack the next bandit [Roll] 16

GM: You kill him but another bandit damages you with rocks while your distracted. [Roll] 8 allies continue to do okay but keep taking losses.

Mark: I attack the next 2 looters [Roll] 20, [Roll] 18.

GM: They both fall dead and you level up.

Mark: There's one left I attack him. [Roll] 16

GM: You kill him and head to the Merchant's house to review the day.

Scared Merchant: We captured the Watch captain as he tried to make his escape but something was badly wrong. We thought there would be dozens of bandits and we would be swarmed only winning after a dogged struggle by the elite elements of our forces. Many must have fled.

Mark: That Bandit leader he gave us a minor camp which he evacuated and then pulled his men out of the town so we would catch less of them. He's good. He might have been the Bandit king.

Scared Merchant: Are you saying that Bandit group I sent you after may have been led by the Bandit King and you just let him go. I'll take the watch Captain to the king and see what happens then. Meet me in the tavern later.

Mark: I head to the Tavern to meet up with him.

Scared Merchant: I presented the Watch Captain to the King and he been executed but I'm now leaving Calradia. My name is tainted with this recent set back for the Bandit King and I now fear for my life.

Mark: I Understand do you have any other Pieces of Information before you go.

Scared Merchant: I'm in contact with a number of Guild master they may be able to point you in the direction of Bandit groups the Nobles are not fighting for some reason. Mention my name and they may point you towards them.

Steve: Wow this is getting creepy are the Nobles of these lands working for the Bandit King.

GM: Keep Playing and you may find out.​


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DuffyzeEmu: Don't worry More Bandits will have to die.

Nikolai II: That's Why I'm writing this. I had what I though was and Interesting Style and Decided to run with it.

Chapter 2: The Bandit Menace

Steve: Ummm So now what?

Mark: With our current forces every Noble worth his salt would just laugh at us We need more and better men.

Steve: So lets head to nearby Villages to raise more men and then worry about training them to battle ready status.

Mark: Lets Head to Buvran and recruit volunteers [Roll] 18

GM: 6 Eager recruit step up.

Steve: Now we head to chaiza and recruit volunteers [Roll] 6

GM: As you walk into the village every door slams shut and the people on the streets disappear into there houses.

Mark: We move on to Pagundar and recruit more volunteers [Roll] 8

GM: Another eager volunteer puts himself forward to join your force.

Steve: We head to Veluca and I examine prices [Roll] 12

GM: You determine there may be money to be made on shipping Grain to Uxhal which is nearby.

Steve: We buy all avliable grain and ship it to Uxhal.

GM: Ok you make 35 denars from the trade.

Mark: Wow trade doesn't seem that Profitable.

GM: Steve's despite his trade level being higher than yours is still rather low he might not have picked up the best trade possibilities

Mark: Well lets just wander around the Countryside a Bit and see what happens.

GM: Hmm on Cue Random Encounter [Roll] 6 you encounter 5 low quality looters.

Mark: I charge and Attack the Nearest bad guy [Roll] 15

GM: You kill him but he hits you with a rock first.

Steve: I attack another Looter: [Roll 14]

GM: Looter Killed easily. [Roll] 12 your allies have defeated 2 more looters

Mark: I swing and attack the Final looter. [Roll] 17

GM: He falls down Dead. [Roll] 13 two of your men have levelled up and a Third Levelled up earlier and you have taken two captives.

Mark: We head to Jelkala to look for a ransom Broker.

GM: [Roll] 1 oh As you enter the City Several Forest Bandits emerge and attack you.

Mark: I swing at the nearest one [Roll] 10

GM: You kill him but it is a difficult fight and you take some damage in the process.

Mark: I charge and attack the next Bandit [Roll] 16

GM: The bandit drops dead and you recover a purse of 100 gold from there bodies.

Mark: Didn't we just clear this town of Bandits.

Steve: Yes the must have more contacts in the Town.

Mark: First priority then is to wipe out as many bandits as possible and Reduce this Bandit king's horde.

Steve: Looks like a Good Idea.

GM: Hmm looks like your sort of on the Right track.​


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Chapter 3: Cleaning Shop or well Region

Mark: So now we need to start looking for bandit groups to fight.

Steve: Hmm does the local Guild leader have for us.

GM: Some quest about going and protecting a caravan to some nearby town.

Mark: Hmm We just go in the countryside.

GM: Some time Later [Roll] 5. 7 looters ambush you in the night.

Mark: I fire several arrows in at the Enemy. [Roll] 14.

GM: With darkness hindering your shots you hit several times but a different enemy each time. [Roll] 12. As the lines clash your forces quickly kill 3 enemies.

Mark: I swing at the Nearest Enemies. [Roll] 16.

GM: He quickly falls before you.

Mark: I attack the next one [Roll] 16

GM: He also is swiftly killed. [Roll] 8. Your allies kill two men but one is killed in the fighting. [Roll] 12 Two men have leveled up.

Steve: Perhaps we need more men. Lets go to Buvran. [Roll] 19.

GM: 5 volunteers sign up and join your forces.

Mark: We start roaming around the countryside.

GM: [Roll] 3. 13 Looters attack you.

Mark: I fire arrows at them. [Roll] 15

GM: You kill two looters. [Roll] 11. Allied Crossbow men kill 1 looter. [Roll] 12. As the lines meet your allies swiftly kill 4 looters but lose one as well.

Mark: Umm I swing at the nearest Looter. [Roll] 17.

GM: You quickly kill him. [Roll] 18. Allies finish off the rest of the looters. [Roll] 18. 7 Men and Mark level up.

Mark: Awesome we better kill more of these guys. The experience makes it worth it anyway.​