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May 30, 2014
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When Elminster does his terrorphorming, the game crashes with: "Array <256, 256, itemsize=41>: index -65537 out of range [0..1]"

Additionally, the Elminster quest is no longer in the quest log but he continues to be active in terraphorming. After paying the witch, I believe that the quest site was looted by an NPC (possibly in the same turn), in any case, there is no entry in my log and I cannot resolve the quest.

So basically, he keeps nuking terrain and I can't stop him and sometimes it crashes the game when he targets certain tiles.

What would be really nice is if we knew enough about the save file format to manually fix a corrupted hex and to edit a quest status. Is there anyway the devs could tell us something about the save file format so this could be fixed?

If understood this, modders (including myself) would have a hope of making a tool to fix these kind of issues.

I tried to attach the save but after three attempts where it got to 100% uploaded and then gave me an error, I gave up. Does the forum allow uploading .zips? If not, it's a bit rude to let us try and not tell us why it failed.
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