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Jul 2, 2016
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Hi guys, I just want to say I'm a huge fan of C.O.R.E from the HOI2 days, I probably put a couple of thousand hours into it over the years, I just picked up AoD in the steam sale grabbed the mod patched the game, installed and have had a message informing me of a corruption in ministers_chc.csv, I remember way back when there used to be a few issues with corruptions on downloads however I've tried downloading from a few locations and keep getting this message, if you can provide any help I'd be most appreciative AoD is great but there aren't enough events.


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Dec 19, 2014
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... And the message was?

There is currently no known issue with this file. The intended installation orders for your components are:

  • AoD 1.07 from Steam
  • AoD 1.08
  • CORE 0.70.7
  • CORE B&W Graphics 070
  • AoD 1.07 from Steam
  • AoD 1.10
  • CORE 0.70.7
  • CORE B&W Graphics 070
  • CORE 0.70.7 fixpack for AoD 1.10 compatibility
In the latter case, you may optionally choose to add the AoD 1.11A06 executable anywhere after AoD 1.10 and, optionally again, the current AoD 1.11 Alpha fileset anywhere after that.

If you stuck to either order and the issue persists, then indeed it would seem that a download was corrupted somewhere along the line.
Expected file sizes for CORE components are:
  • CORE2_0_7_0_7.exe : 68.320.038 Bytes
  • CORE_B&W_Graphics_070.exe : 191.336.354 Bytes
  • CORE2_0.70.7_CompatibilityFixesForAoD1.10.zip : 8.547.528 Bytes