Correcting incorrect or imprecise descriptions of abilities, spells, etc.

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Were Panther (and other Shape Shifts: The transformations cancel successful MC in the same battle (e. G. Charmed gets deleted after Shape Shift of a Tigran Mystic). So please add this in the description of Were Panther.

If you make Ghoul Curse to a Tigran Mystic when it is in Dire Panther form - it is not ghouled after battle -> Add in the description of Were Panther as well.
Imo, shapeshifting abilities should be reflected upon. Do they act like a Cure spell (in both way? in one way?), do they remove any disesase/poison effect like Severely Poisoned, Curse, Ghoul Curse, ... ? Do they remove Blindness, etc. Do they leave spirit-based effects untouched?

Shield of Light (...): Whole spell seems a bit weird.
Let's find another spell/abilities that ought to be similar (in the Theocrat's arsenal), and derive the right effects from it.

Ancient Ancestor (Dwarf RG Military Champion). Firstborn units themselves can´t get Inspired through this ability. Doesn´t stack with Inspiring Aura.
I don't find this shocking, as Dwarf RG upgrade may be seen as just a form of Inspiring Aura, only working for nearby Dwarves, and not just any unit. As such, it shouldn't stack with another Inspiring Aura (either a unit ability or a hero's stack ability), but it should stack with other morale buffs such as Excellent Morale (hero's stack ability, Field of Clovers). Also, this aural emitter shouldn't be affected: you can't inspire yourself! At least, if it was decided that Firstborn gain a morale boost, then it should be clearly separated from the Inspired status: "Ancient ancestor" would grant +300 Morale (or Excellent Moral) to Firstborn, and Inspired to nearby Dwarves.

Fire Aura, Frost Aura, Static Shield, Fearsome, Blinding Aura and Necromantic Aura use the term „aura“ also in game editor. Inspiring Aura is different so maybe should use another term to separate it (Inspring Charism?).
That's not a concern for me, if descriptions are understandable and precise enough.

Blinding Aura, Flash Bomb, Flash Bang, Blind (Rogue Spell): Elementals are not affected (they can´t get Blinded).
Are they not affected or not targetable? Also, does Flash Bomb inflict damage because of the flash, or because of the bomb? I reported that the tactical tooltip should display in red the "Elemental" Unit Property, as it explains why they won't be blinded, and yet receive damage (Flash Bomb).[/QUOTE]

Scorched: This unit suffers -3 strength on all melee channels. It also cancels out the additional damage bonus aquired via levels if the inherent damage channel + additional party damage bonus (e G. Poison Knowledge) has a strength below 4.
Nice catch. Now, is this only an imprecise description, or a bug? I mean that when Deteriorated was wrongfully applied to non-machine units, damage never dropped under 1. On the other hand, the fact that secondary damage channels might get cancelled doesn't hurt me.

Also, I'm not sure but I suspect the duration replacer for Scorched status to be wrong. In the description, we have: "This unit suffers {scorchedStrengthPenalty} Strength for {scorchedTime}." That is, the unit is scorched for 2 rounds. I suspect it might be 3 rounds instead. It's on my ToDo list, but if you have the material at hand (i.e. a saved game about the time you took the videos)...


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Inspire Loyalty
Current text: "The caster and their Empire's Heroes gain Inspire Loyalty. All units in the Army of a Hero that has Inspire Loyalty gain Volunteer."
Suggested text: "The caster and their Empire's Heroes gain Bringer of Goodwill. All units in the Army of a Hero that has Bringer of Goodwill gain Volunteer."
Reason: The heroes and leader get two unit properties while the Inspire Loyalty spell is active: Inspire Loyalty and Bringer of Goodwill. But Inspire Loyalty's only effect is to grant Bringer of Goodwill to the same hero/leader! I reported also this into another thread about an review of unit abilities and sources.

On first screenshot, you see that this hero gets two properties "Inspire Loyalty", that copies the spell's description, and "Bringer of Goodwill" (or "Bonne volonté exemplaire").
On second screenshot, you see that Bringer of Goodwill's description is consistent with other stack abilities (and doesn't copy the spell's description). It says otherwise the same stuff as Inspire Loyalty's description. Here, the hero gets two sources: the spell, and a hat item.
On third screenshot, you see that a unit in this stack correctly gain Volunteer, but it is sourced twice to Bringer of Goodwill, which shouldn't happen, imo.

So perhaps, there's a little bug, on top of the duplicate ability to be removed, and the spell's description to be changed.


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Inflict Chilling
Current text: "Current text: "Attacks from this unit have a chance to inflict chilling on their targets. Chilled units suffer {inflictchillingDef} and {inflictchillingFrostWeakness} weakness for {chillingTime}. Elemental, Machine, and Undead units are not affected."
Suggested text:
Current text: "Attacks from this unit have a chance to inflict chilling on their targets. Chilled units suffer {inflictchillingDef} and {inflictchillingFrostWeakness} weakness for {chillingTime}. Both effects are cumulative.[br/]Elemental, Machine, and Undead units are not affected.

Current text: "The unit suffers {inflictchillingDef} and {inflictchillingFrostWeakness} weakness for {chillingTime}."
Suggested text:
The unit suffers {inflictchillingDef} and {inflictchillingFrostWeakness} weakness for {chillingTime}. Both effects are cumulative.

Reason: effects (at least the frost weakness) stack. Correcting the Chilled unit property as well makes sense because when effects stack, a "(x2)", "(x3)", ... is displayed after "Chilled" in the unit's info panel.
Well of Souls and heroes

Playing with PBEM and SP Balance mod, it looks like heroes are not changed to ghouls.
I tested prior to research Archilich, of course. A stack of two undead, two ghouls, and two living heroes triggers the well's SFX effect, and resets its cooldown, but none of the heroes are changed.
Description tells only that Dragons are immune. We should add Heroes as well, or did I missed some reason why it's so obvious?


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Elementals can be targetted by Flash Bang ond Flash Bomb of Course, but not by Blind.
They receive Damage because of Explosion (heat and flying metal). So no Problem that they suffer Damage.
Scorched indeed lasts for 3 turns.
Chilling: -1 Defense debuff also stackable.

And Rodmar, please use the the right term "High Morale", not "Excellent Morale" :p

New Stuff:
Freezing and Stunning Touch: Elemental and Incorporeal are not affected.
Rallying Cry: Undeads and Machines are not affected. Incorporeals are affected.

Whispers of the Fallen:
Battles fought within 16 hexes (…) become visible, no matter whether they took part in UG or Surface.
Does it only give Knowledge for battles you took part? No Knowledge is shown if there are battles of enemies vs Indies visible for example. So I guess you have to take part, please make it more clearer.
Does not affect your vassal CITIES AND DWELLINGS .

Stacking of Fast Healing: Fast Healing is Stackable (at least 2 times a a Draconian Hero heals 18 per turn) This should made more obvious. At least change to Fast Healing (2x) for example if possible. Other stacking stuff like Life Stealing even gets other names when stacked.
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"Enemy At The Gates": leads to an additional -1/6 (not -0,17) income (Gold, Mana, Production, Population, Knowledge).
It also reduces the additional income gained by Happiness or Production (Merchandise, Produce Mana, Seek Knowledge and Build Housing).
„Enemy in Domain“ has no such effect. Same applies for Undead cities.

Shadowborn Adept’s Karissa’s Rally or Shadowborn Master’s Shadowborn Army apply also to Mana production costs (like Warlord‘s Training Regimen).

Production cost changing factor´s like Dwarf‘s and Goblin‘s Inherent Traits as well as Warlord‘s Training Regimen, Dreadnought‘s Great Blacksmith, Shadowborn Adept’s Karissa’s Rally or Shadowborn Master’s Shadowborn Army sum up with each other instead of a multiplication of these factors. In the case of a Goblin Warlord with Shadowborn Adept + Training Regimen researched, the Gold and Mana costs of a Phalanx is calculated the following:
Gold: 150 * (1-0,2-0,1-0,05) = 150 * 0,65 = 97,5 => 97 Gold
Mana: 30 * (1-0,2-0,1-0,05) = 30 * 0,65 = 19,5 = 19 Mana
Both values are rounded separately in case of odd values.
Total Production cost: 116

Dread Siege: Machines, Undeads and Elementals are affected as well. Being cast at a Vassal, it affects it´s troops and all allied troops.

Dread Omen: The description needs a bit of adjustment to clarify that only Living cities suffer the Population malus, see in wikia:, see in wikia:

MCU Magic Academy: … +1 ranged damage on their first range damage channel.

Armor Piercing (+description of Stronger than Steel): Melee and ranged attacks benefit from +2 damage bonus against armored units.

Unholy Champion, Holy Champion: Melee and ranged damage Bonus.

Animal Slayer, Fey Slayer, Monster Slayer (+Pest Control Squad), Devout Slayer (+Dirty Half Dozen): +3 melee and ranged damage bonus on 1st channel.
The following abilities should act the same and give melee + ranged Damage bonus: Hero Slayer, Draconian (and other races) Slayer, Good Slayer, Evil Slayer, Elemental Slayer, Giant Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Summon Slayer, etc.

Heretic (e. g. due to Mark of the Heretic): Devout units deal +3 melee and ranged damage on their 1st channel.

Frostlings RG5 Military: +2 Frost damage on melee and ranged attacks

The description of Wizard Hunters, Assassins of Kings, Dragon Slayer Party, Bane of the Good, Holy Champions, Stronger than Steel + Strategic Spells Hero Slaying, The Great Purge should be made coherent (either info or no info about damage Bonus - right now there is no info in The Great Purge, Holy Champions or Bane of the Good).

Sacred Arms, Holy Arms, Charged Army, Star Blades, Weapon Finesse: Only melee damage bonus (exception is Posion Knowledge, which gives ranged bonus damage as well).

Harbor (in city Production list): Possible to add Galleon Warship (with Advanced Seafaring) and Ironclad Warship (with Produce Ironclad Warship) to the list?

Harbor (in Tome of Wonders): Requires Basic Seafaring – this info should be added in the Tome of Wonders.

Possible to add „(with Basic Seafaring)“ to Frigate Warship, „(with Advanced Seafaring)“ to Galleon Warship and „(with Produce Ironclad Warship)“ to Ironclad Warship?

Basic Seafaring (in Tome of Wonders): „… it enables production og HARBORS and the Frigate Warship in cities with a Harbor.“
Add the icon of the Harbor underneath the text (like the icon of Frigate Warship).

Juggernaut (in Tome of Wonders): No clear difference between the two types (Tree Crusher or no Tree Crusher).
Produce Juggernaut (in Tome of Wonders): Maybe listing both types of Juggernaut?
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I know, but it´s still wrong. I worked for hours on this to understand this calculations and could reproduce it. The game calculates with 1/6, not with 0,17. Simple as that.
From the balance mod thread:
Guardian Flames:
Current description: "Machines and Undead can't be healed this way"

Suggested description: "Machines and Undead are unaffected."
Reason: the ability can't even be used on them (tested with a golem), so they can't be healed, plus they can't be guarded by flames.

To be confirmed: Total Awareness
In case the unit benefits from an elarged threat zone (on top of being immune to flanking), it isn't told in the description.
I think this was already corrected (or at least reported). I'll check it when I arrive here....

+ The duration of Scorched needs to be correctly displayed as 3 turns in its description, and not 2 turns as now:

+ balance mod specific: add the strength of the Blind effect of Flash Bomb (from Engineers).
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Current text: "Calls down lightning on target unit or object. The lightning deals splash damage to units and objects in a {calllightningRadius} hex radius around the target and can cause the target to be Stunned. Stunned units cannot take any action (e.g. move, attack, retaliate) for {stunnedTime}."

Suggested text:
Calls down lightning on target hex. The lightning deals splash damage to enemy units and objects in a {calllightningRadius} hex radius around the target and can cause enemy unit at target location to be Stunned. Stunned units cannot take any action (e.g. move, attack, retaliate) for {stunnedTime}.
The spell can target any hex and affects any enemy unit and (supposedly) any obstacle/wall around it. Allied (possessed) units in the area of effect are not harmed. Previsional tooltips are consistent with experienced behaviour.


{INT_thunderstormDuration} is undefined and is displayed literally. Perhaps a mispelling?

Current text: "Target friendly unit Inflict Shocking and {...replacer...} strength until the end of combat. Melee and ranged attack from units that Inflict Shocking can cause..."
Suggested text: "Target friendly unit Inflict Shocking and {...replacer...} melee strength until the end of combat. Melee and ranged attack from units that Inflict Shocking can cause..."
Reason: ranged attacks don't benefit from the elemental damage bonus, and current description is not clear about this, because Inflict Shocking affects ranged attacks as well.


Current text: "
Attempts to Entangle target enemy unit. Entangled units cannot take any action (e.g. move, attack, retaliate) for {constrictedTime}."

Suggested text: add that in case of failure, target is still Hindered (-50 % current MP).
Attempts to Entangle target enemy unit. Entangled units cannot take any action (e.g. move, attack, retaliate) for {constrictedTime}. In cas of failure, target is still Hindered. Hindered units have a -50 % movement penalty.

Note that I don't knowwhat happens with Entangling Strike and Thorn Hedge Walls enchantment.

Also, same "issue" with (some) web and net attacks: tactical tooltips display what happens in case of failure (likely a loss in MP), whereas ability tooltips in Abilities.xml don't refer to them (whereas they do in case of other abilities). Just asking.


Current text: "This unit gains {pledgeofprotectionBonus} and links itself to target friendly Frostling Hero, Frostling Queen, Frostling Witch or Frostling female unit that is not already linked."

Suggested text: "This unit gains {pledgeofprotectionBonus} and links itself to target friendly Frostling Hero, or any Frostling female unit that is not already linked."

Reason: while current description is neither incorrect nor imprecise, it looks odd each time I read it. Heroes can be male (still they can be linked), but why discriminating between base faction female units (queen, witch) and "Frostling female units" or class units (scout, bard, succubus, apprentice, death bringer). Eventually, add a comprehensive list of affected units, instead of this current, mixed phrasing.

{EDIT]Yes, before you ask, Wiki overlooks to include them in the list: Frostling Apprentices are female! (I'd say it's not a bug; besides heroes any Frostling magic user is a female. Wait... what about Reanimators?)[/EDIT]
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Suggestion: append to description: "Enemies behind the city walls cannot be affected." (compare with any other city defense)


Archon Caster -> Archon Revenant Caster
Archon Titan -> Archon Revenant Titan
(as already changed in Shadow Realm mod)

"Target friendly unit gains Inflict Shocking and {starbladesStrengthBonus} strength"
"Target friendly unit gains Inflict Shocking and {starbladesStrengthBonus} melee strength"
Reason: it affects only melee attacks. See screenshot after and before the spell is cast.


Draconian Deity Military RG
"All Draconian Infantry, Irregulars and Pikemen units deal an additional {draconianFireDamage} damage."
"All Draconian Infantry, Irregulars and Pikemen units deal an additional {draconianFireDamage} melee damage."
Tested on a Draconian Engineer: Blunderbuss damage remains unchanged.


Aura of Inspiration
"The target friendly unit gains {auraoflightPhysical} damage, {auraoflightSpirit} damage and Inspiring Aura"
that translates into "gains 2 Physical damage, 3 Spirit damage"
"The target friendly unit gains {auraoflightPhysical} and {auraoflightSpirit} melee damage, and Inspiring Aura""

"The target friendly unit gains 100% protection to all types of damage"

a/ Because 100% Protection is not like 100% Resistance (= immunity), perhaps we could slightly alter this description?
In this example, the hero is a Draconian and has a racial 40% Frost weakness, Safeguard grants a +100% Frost protection, so she has a (-40 + 100 =) 60% Frost resistance. As for the spirit damage, I guess she was despaired to some point.

b/ Moreover, I suspect Safeguard to not work on allied players'units (here, an Unicorn Rider belonging to Esnodil (AI) in the SR Campaign)
I had enough CP to cast the spell from afar (2x20 = 40 CP). I could target any of my units, and not this allied unit. This needs confirmation though: what about vassals?
"The target owned unit gains a +100% protection bonus to all types of damage..."

c/ Lastly, as this description is also used for the status when under Safeguard, we have to keep this mixed phrasing. If not, it should be, rather:
"Grants target owned unit a +100% protection bonus to all types of damage..."
and then:
"This unit has temporarily withdrawn from the fight, can't move or act, and gains a +100% protection bonus to all types of damage." (source: Safeguard)
(timer already added in the status?)


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Ice Nova
"Every unit around the caster takes {icenovaDamage} and all units in a {icenovaRadius} hex radius have their guard broken."
"Every enemy unit around the caster takes {icenovaDamage} and all enemy units in a {icenovaRadius} hex radius have their guard broken."
Reason: no owned Frostling unit nearby is affected by either effect. Or are they immune like with Dome of Frost?

Dome of Frost
"Unit is surrounded by a {domeoffrostRadius} hex dome of extreme cold. Any unit directly standing near to it suffers exposure. Exposed units [...]"
"This unit is surrounded by an aura of extreme cold, any adjacent unit suffers exposure to. Exposed units [...]"
Reason: vanilla description already implies that only adjacent units are affected (1 hex dome, directly standing near to it), allowing for a less convoluted description, now that we know the very unlikely occurence that {domeoffrostRadius} ever takes a value greater than 1.

"The unit suffers {exposedFrostWeakness} weakness, {exposedResist} and {exposedFrostDamage} damage every turn."
Suggestion: "This unit suffers {exposedFrostWeakness} weakness, {exposedResist} and {exposedFrostDamage} damage every round."


"This unit suffers a {deterioratedStrengthPenalty} strength and {deterioratedDefensePenatly} penalty..."
"This unit suffers a {deterioratedDefensePenatly} penalty and a {deterioratedStrengthPenalty} strength penalty in all its attacks..."
(note the inversion of variables; or a better phrasing: "for each type of damage it inflicts"; to remember, this currently reads as "a -8 strength")

Vanilla is often "fuzzy" with the concept of "strength" or "attack": sometimes it's both Melee and Ranged, sometimes only Melee; sometimes it's main channel, sometimes any (and in case of an overlooking, sometimes only physical).


Root Spears
"...and attempts to hinder ({rootspearsHinderStrength}) enemy unit. Hindered units lose {hinderedMovementPenalty} of their [moveWalk/] points for {hinderedTime} ."
"...and attempts to totally hinder ({rootspearsHinderStrength}) enemy unit. Totally Hindered units lose {hinderedMovementPenalty} of their [moveWalk/] points for {hinderedTime} ." (or add only the second occurence, as it refers specifically to a status)
Reason: I'm thinking of an overlook, given the variable's name "hindered", at the time when the value was fixed. The game uses three hidden statuses that only appear in some ability/skill descriptions, and in the tactical tooltip and log (without being named, though). They are:
"This unit has {hinderedMovementPenalty}."
"Totally Hindered"
"This unit has {totallyhinderedMovementPenalty}."
In case of failure here, the unit looses 100% MP: it's thus "totally hindered".

[EDIT]Or isn't it Balance mod that changed the value?[/EDIT]
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The description of this status doesn't tell anything about the (new?) -7 MP or -25% MP penalty, or a hidden, associated Slightly HIndered status.


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