Conveying worthwhile information quickly. How?

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This thread is basically a thread with possible solutions and problems to the current HoI3 map setup and hopefully some of these improvements will already have been fix or worked on. Please add your own or critic mine.

1. Air map mode and logistical damage.

This map mode is handy but even still it's rubbish for showing information quickly, a couple of things would make this a lot easier imo. Airfield Icons/Navy yard Icons and all damageable buildings that are represented with icons show the damage they have acquired on the Icon, whether by colour or numbers or even some fancy graphic such as small cracks for small damage to huge cracks for huge damage.

2. HQs

I'm not going to bash HQ units here, I just wish there weren't so many of them or they were abstracted in some other way, the problem lies with trying to move actual fighting troops instead of stacks of HQs + Inf nothing worse than your stack ready for your assault to be gimped by attack delay because your HQ attacked first then retreated whilst your troops were still in Reinforcement phase. (More of an interface/input problem)

3. Naval

Where are the known naval strength of my enemy and the strength of my forces located? It sucks going into a game as a sitter and trying to sort out an US player who has left and you've became the sitter, I can't locate anything quickly and that doom stack of ship that I thought was powerful are all under 15% hull strength. If all major fleets had their own icons with average health and then two lines to show where maximum health and minimum health lies that would be great as well as avg speed on map and in combat. Fleet ranges need to be shown show me where I could patrol with my furthest reaching ships and show me what's the ship holding me back the most.

4. Air Combat

Apart from the Air map mode which only shows combats in the past month?(maybe week) it's easy to miss it (Apart from the OOB organizer) and if you miss it on the OOB it's hard to pinpoint where it was with the air map mode as it does not differentiation between strike craft and bombers and no way to separate the hot spots for air combat this day, this week, this month? Expanding on the Air map mode should really help.

5. IC and production loses

This is more of 1 but having icons for every IC factory seems excessive but a new screen which shows what factories are bombed out/need repairs would be excellent as in the middle of an operation or a fighting retreat it's hard to keep on top of all the air strikes and ground warfare.

6. Politics

I've played over 500 hours of HoI3 and I still don't understand how to not get the fractured party event and I don't know how bad the negative effects of having a minister who doesn't belong to my ruling party's affiliation. More clarity needed.

7. Weather

I know weather can be a deciding factor of any engagement but I never look at this map, I don't understand how the weather is moving or if a storm likely to clear up or what adverse affects it will have on the battles. It needs some love I feel, if you want the game to be indepth and more accessible this would be a great improvement over HoI3.

8. Strength map mode

Bright green, not so bright green, dark red... But what does it mean!! 0.o I know it's a representation of your strength(Green) then the enemies strength (Red) but could this map mode be used so much better perhaps when I click on the map mode I'd see the amount of L.Tanks/M.Tanks + H.Tanks/SH.Tanks, Inf, S.Inf + Miltias/Garrison. Then split them further down by how many are able to attack and can't then add their strength count%. Since the provinces will be quite small perhaps just Tanks/Inf/Mil. Would be very useful for locating tank corps.

9. Logistics

I don't even know how this map mode works, green is good, red is bad, black is worse, green lines come from the capital. If logistics as a whole is fixed in HoI3 then it'll be worth the admission price, although I have no idea how to kill this monster I hope when you do we'll be able to understand logistics a whole lot better.

10. OOB Reshuffling

Let us reshuffle the OOB if I had OCD I would never be able to play this game, you organize 4 or 5 wings of 3 or 4 Interceptors, you name then the add 2 or 3 wings of bombers then maybe 1 or 2 wings of CAS then some spare CAGs creating a nice lineup of INTs, TAC, CAS, CAGs then you build some more Ints and wreck your whole line up and without a non-time consuming fix it's annoying.

11. Programmable predetermined naming conventions

Manual renaming is for chumps, adding something in game so if I make a division of Int, Int, AT, Art it'll automatically rename it to INF(x). The historically naming is very cool but for MP and keeping on top of things it makes it harder. If I want to remake a new corp out of survivors of a envelopment I can shift click the INF12, INF25, INF39, INF14 then make a new corp.

12. **** off we're full

HQ's (Corps, Army, Army Group) may be able to take 5 sub-units, but when I create a new unit and select him to join up a higher up I'll get 20 HQs which are complete (example I don't want more than 2 Corps in my special forces marine army) a button to deselect these units from the attach menu would be so handy.

What do you think and what are your pet peeves with the games? What do you fear whenever you sit in for an MP game?


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Good information management is going to be one of the biggest challenges for HoI4 IMO.

As you have highlighted, most of the mapmodes in HoI3 didn't really work as they were intended. I mostly used the simplified terrain mapmode.
I wouldn't know how to fix them though, but Podcat and friends get payed to figure it out... :D

One of the devs has stated that the complicated weather system from HoI3 would be gone, so that's a start.