Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan by Ryuichi Kaminogi

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Dec 8, 2015
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Content Creator Pack: Modern Japan introduces a unique flair inspired by Japanese architecture with 20 buildings and six props from modder Ryuichi Kaminogi.

These are the first Japanese buildings to be added to Cities: Skylines, bringing ornate models ranging from impressive skyscrapers to cozy udon and ramen shops.

Add it to your wishlist now to not miss its release next week!

シーケンス 02.00_00_05_20.静止画004.jpg

シーケンス 02.00_00_15_25.静止画003.jpg

シーケンス 02.00_00_25_08.静止画005.jpg

シーケンス 02.00_00_38_05.静止画006.jpg

シーケンス 02.00_02_33_20.静止画002.jpg

シーケンス 02.00_02_54_24.静止画001.jpg


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Oct 26, 2016
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Is there a list of names for these buildings available anywhere?

I have listed them here now:

I eventually plan to have their individual menu icons added.

Here is the list:

Service Buildings

General Hospital
Waste Disposal Unit

Unique Buildings

Drive-in Restaurant
Drive-in Oriental Restaurant
Oriental Market
Noodle Restaurant
Ramen Restaurant
Service Station and Restaurant
Small Office Building
City Office Building
District Office Building
Local Register Office
Resort Hotel
Downtown Hotel
High-Rise Office Building
Company Headquarters
Office Skyscraper
The Station Department Store
The Rail Yard Shopping Center


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Oct 26, 2016
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This is kind of rough, but here are the icons for the Modern Japan CCP.

moj icons.png