Dec 24, 2020
I'm new with cities skylines on pc, I play it mostly on Xbox one. And we asked for pc mods on console. But that's impossible. In Cities Skylines Xbox One Edition, there's mod browser in which you can get mostly assets. In PC is Content Manager in which is the many options like mods. In one case, I know that PC mods will never work but keyboard and mouse works in Xbox one. In the other case, most people want is more assets. More buildings, to change the appearance of trains, cars, etc. In general, we want the Steam Workshop on console, (but for mostly for assets) because of console limits.

That's what most Xbox Players want. to change views in the game, to make it look more realistic. I looked up in youtube about cool things that you can put in your city and its all PC. I'm here playing all vanilla and boring. There's so many assets in the workshop, and it's what we want. Here's some examples of what I want Custom train stations(also elevated), parking lots, road design, building appearance, new monuments, realistic cars, trucks, boats, trains, buses, taxis, etc, custom rails, and more

My Xbox: Jersey768681, Have a nice day!
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