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I can not confirm that. I only could download more content this morning. I have to check later today after work.
I can confirm however. The free update content is in there as well, at least to a major extent post-Hotels & Retreats. The Treasure Hunt is in there for example. Things like new roads, hubs and vehicles too, as well as any updates to values like the ferry capacity increase.
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Are shopping malls and sports venues not getting the free upgrade after purchasing for the original edition? or is this like the first round where it's gonna take another week for xbox to work it out?
Purchased in the world tour bundle.
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Hello, I bought the game with some DLC from the game and when I go to create a new city, I have the option of using cheating or not entering to win the game achievements in the case of the xbox series s and when I go to use some resource from the DLC it automatically removes the achievements from trophies so I can't win the game achievements because I'm using the GAME DLC
So another weekend has come and gone, and still no update on when people who bought the bundles will actually be able to download and use the DLC. No official update or acknowledgement from Paradox. If this is the kind of customer service on offer I’m going to have to seriously reconsider buying C:S2, and maybe just try the base game on GamePass instead.
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not just another way I did it I uninstalled the game completely I installed the game first then the DLC which seems to me to have been resolved but I'm doing a test on which DLC is giving me problems with the xbox series s achievements soon I'll be back with results
I’ve just tried uninstalling the game entirely and then launching it through Xbox Cloud Gaming. My thinking was that while we can’t download the DLC because of a store issue, the game might recognise ownership. Sadly it didn’t work. Even when streaming the game still lists the missing DLC as available for purchase. I’ve also looked at all the DLCs again in the Xbox store, and all the old content has the disclaimer stating that if you own it on the base game you’ll be able to use it in Remastered for free. The content which is causing the issues does not have this disclaimer.
I managed to solve some game and dlc problems

I have the game through cities skyline remastered through game pass it is working normally without the dlc when I purchased the dlc I didn't purchase all just a few dlc airport dlc industry dlc railway dlc stock bag dlc this dlc is working well it doesn't catch anything

1 problem that was giving the transit that was in one road then I did the transit

To solve install the game cities syline xbox first then the dlc and play new map that your saved city will not correct the error so start the new game

2 problem issue was dlc game achievements issue that I discover and when you have the stock ball and you post everything in the company to earn money your city will go into the negative and when it goes into the negative the message comes that the game will give a certain value to pay the debt city you are near yes the game will detect that you are using a hacker if you are near it will continue with the game achievements this game error so and just pay attention to the game message

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Dear developers! Trams and articulated buses have vehicles that only half appear on the playing field. Or only the front of them comes out of the depot, and there is nothing after the joint. Please look at the error!

I know that October 24th is almost here, but until then we want to play in good quality! I haven't looked at Trolibus, but I suspect there might be a graphic error there too! Trams and buses are absolutely certain to be graphically faulty in some cases!

Thank you in advance for correcting the errors as soon as possible! :)
Partially rendered vehicles is usually a sign of having hit vehicle limit. Look for traffic problems and more recently problems with warehouses sending out to many vehicles especially ones storing fish. I deleted mine. Post again if you need more help.