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Nov 17, 2022
I didn’t mention any purchase of some sort, only the release of unreleased DLC content for the Remastered Edition of Cities Skylines for consoles.

However, I bought the game as digital version on Xbox in 2017 and also some DLCs in bundles for a discount price.
Since I own all DLCs for the Xbox version of CS, I could download all these contents again for the remaster FOR FREE.

At least on Xbox, it’s possible to purchase DLC for the Remaster that can also be used in the old Xbox version as well. So it works both ways, for owners of the old version, as well as for new players that start with the remaster and the Xbox One base version.

As far as I know, physical disc and PS+ versions are excluded from this deal, which is a pity, but reality.
Ok, i understand! ;)


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May 9, 2023
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Because I think you bought the DLC accessories for money in addition to your "free" XBOX ONE base game. No? So the originally "paid" DLC for the ONE version is free for you in the Remastered version. BUT NOT THE BASE GAME, because you didn't pay for it! Was it so? PS4 vs. PS5 is the same.
Correct, I've gotten the free psplus game and have bought multiple DLC's which adds up to the same price as having bought the base game. Too bad they don't give the upgrade for free when you've bought dlc
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Feb 10, 2023
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I've had enough of this and I want refunding for a new console and repurchasing CS digitally (I prev had xbox one and game disc) I upgraded console and repurchased game digitally for the SOLE purpose of being able to play 25 tiles. After 3 months of saving issues now my game keeps crashing. You have lost any future business from me!!!