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Community Manager (Stellaris)
Jan 9, 2020
Hello again Console Fans,

I’m AC, I’m the Community Manager for Stellaris and Stellaris: Console Edition. For those of you who missed it, yesterday we announced the release date for the Humanoids Species Pack and the Apocalypse Expansion. Humanoids and Apocalypse will both release June 25th.

These two releases will conclude the content for Expansion Pass Two. But be assured that we’re not done with Stellaris: Console Edition yet.

After the Console Edition 2.2 update and Synthetic Dawn launch, we had some reports of stability issues. We’ve put together a hotfix to fix some of these issues, as well as a few bug fixes, you can read the patch notes here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/stability-patch-2-02-ps4-2-0-0-2-xbox.1395799/

We’ve also opened a Stellaris: Console Edition Bug Report forums, you can report your Console Edition bugs here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forums/stellaris-console-edition-bug-reports.1070/

Please note the screenshots below were taken on PC 2.2.7. Some of these things may appear slightly different in the Humanoids Species Pack for Stellaris: Console Edition.

Humanoids Species Pack

The Humanoids ship-set is inspired by ‘classic western sci-fi’ with sleeker lines and curves than the Mammalian ship-set. Combined with 10 new portraits inspired by sci-fi and fantasy tropes, these two make up the backbone of the Humanoids Species Pack, however there are more features included.


  • 10 new Humanoid portraits inspired by sci-fi and fantasy tropes
  • A new ship-set inspired by classic western sci-fi
  • A new city set for Humanoids
  • A new pre-scripted empire, the Voor Technocracy
  • 3 new advisor voices, offering different takes on existing ethics, based on the United Nations of Earth (‘Dignified Xenophile’), Commonwealth of Man (‘Disciplined Militarist’), and Voor Technocracy (‘Ruthless Materialist’)
  • 3 new music tracks, which are remixes of classic Stellaris songs
Please note that all of the screenshots below were taken on PC version 2.2.7. The Colossus and Titan will be only available to those who also own the Apocalypse Expansion.

The Humanoids ship-set

Humanoid Outpost

1 - outpost.png

Humanoid Starhold

2 - starhold.png

Humanoid Fortress

3 - starfortress.png

Humanoid Citadel


Humanoid Corvette

5 - corvette.png

Humanoid Destroyer

6 - destroyer.png

Humanoid Cruiser

7 - cruiser.png

Humanoid Battleship

8 - battleship.png

Humanoid Titan (requires Apocalypse)

9 - titan.png

Humanoid Colossus (requires Apocalypse)

10 - colossus.png

11 - colossus firing.png

We really hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of Humanoids Species Pack - and we’ll introduce more new features in upcoming dev diaries leading up to release June 25th. In the meantime if you want to talk more about the update please feel free to join the Official Stellaris Discord here: https://discord.gg/stellarisofficial

Best regards,
AC, Community Manager Stellaris


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Aug 27, 2019
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Question will the console be adding the special districts to Ring worlds, such as Research, and commercial. Also the habitats with resource district?