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Jan 9, 2020
Hello again Console Fans!

It’s only four days until the release of Apocalypse and Humanoids, I hope all our console fans are as excited as we are!

This is the last Dev Diary before release, and we’re covering three of the major aspects of the Apocalypse Expansion: Colossus, Titans, and Ion Cannons.

Ion Cannons (Paid Apocalypse Feature)

Ion Cannons are defensive stations that can be built around starbases. These stations are essentially a gun emplacement for a single Titanic-sized weapon, allowing the starbase to engage at massively increased range, and greatly improves a starbase’s ability to engage with enemy Battleships and Titans.

1 - ion cannon ship design.png

2 - ion cannon station.png

Titans (Paid Apocalypse Feature)

Titans are a new ship class available in the Apocalypse Expansion, and intended to be used as a flagship in your biggest fleets. Titans are unlocked via research, and can be built at any Citadel-sized starbase that also has the Titan Assembly Yard building and a shipyard. These massive ships represent a huge undertaking for your Empire, as such you will be limited in the number you are able to construct based on your overall fleet capacity, but you will be guaranteed to be able to construct at least one.

Titans whole forward section is designed around a single Titanic weapon, the Perdition beam, with just over 1.5 times the range of the battleship XL weapon, and enough firepower to (potentially) one-shot a battleship. Titans also have an Aura slot that can fit a single aura that can either buff friendly ships in the same fleet, or debuff nearby enemy ships.

3 - titan ship design.png

4 - titan in fleet.png

Colossus (Paid Apocalypse Feature)

Colossus is a new type of military ship available to those to have the Apocalypse Expansion. While they don’t have any actual fleet combat capability, in exchange they mount a single World Devastator-class weapon dedicated to the purpose of laying waste to enemy planets. To build a Colossus you first need access to the Titans ship size and then take the Colossus Project Ascension Perk, which unlocks a special project to unlock and design your first Colossus. It can then be built at any Citadel-sized starbase, with a shipyard and the Colossal Assembly Yard building. Once built, the Colossus cannot be merged with other fleets and you can only have a single Colossus active at a time, but can build a new one if your active one is destroyed.

5 - colossus project.png

There are five types of Colossus to choose from, and during the course of the special project you will get the option to choose between the ones that are available to your empire:

  • World Cracker: Shatters a planet, leaving behind a broken debris field that can be mined for resources. Available to non-Pacifists.

  • Global Pacifier: Encases the planet in an impenetrable shield, permanently cutting it off from the rest of the galaxy. A research station can be built to study the planet afterwards.

  • Neutron Sweep: Destroys the most higher forms of life on the planet but leaves the infrastructure intact for colonization. Available to non-Spiritualist, non-Pacifist empires.

  • God Ray: Converts all organic Pops on the planet to spiritualists and destroys all machine/synthetic pops, as well as massively increasing spiritualist ethics attraction on the planet for a time. Available to Spiritualist empires.

  • Nanobot Dispersal: Assimilates all Pops on the planet, causing it to defect to your empire with its newly cyborgized population. Only available to Driven Assimilators (and thus requires Synthetic Dawn as well).
Additional types of World Devastator weapons that are potentially available to your empire can be researched as rare technologies after finishing the Colossus project.

6 - colossus choose weaponry.jpg

When ordered to fire on a planet, a Colossus will ignore enemy ships along its path, even if fired upon. Once it’s in position, it will begin to charge it’s weapon, this takes quite some time, giving enemy fleets a chance to destroy the Colossus to stop it from firing. When the weapon is fully charged, it will fire, executing its effects (as described above) on the helpless planet.

7 - colossus ship design.png

8 - colossus_idle.png

9 - colossus ready to fire.png

Most Colossus weapons can only target planets owned by empires you are at war with, though some of them can target primitive worlds and the World Cracker can be used on uncolonized rock-type worlds (but will not always generate a mineral deposit in that case).

That’s it for today folks. Make sure you'll watch our release stream at 10:30 AM CEST on June 25th at http://twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive!

10 - colossus firing.png

11 - colossus aftermath.png
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Aug 25, 2020
Ah yes, my favorite 7-rated game where i can kill entire planets by starving them inside a massive space-bubble, nice