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Sep 28, 2009
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to help out anyone interested in making a mod for Sengoku, we've made the debug commands we use available for you. Remember though that these are made for debugging, so using them might break the current game (even though most of them won't).

Enter the commands into the console. To bring up the console just hit '§' (on a proper keyboard atleast, if you've got a keyboard of a lesser layout '`' might work better for you ).

mapmode fort & mapmode tax
Two mapmodes for showing fort and tax levels, both are handy if you're scripting a start setup.

honor X
Gives the player X honor.

money X
Gives the player X money.

arquebus X
Gives the player X arquebus

age X
Makes the players' current character X years older

own ProvinceId
The player gets ownership of the province.

revolt ProvinceId
Spawns rebels in the province, as if it failed a revolt risk check.

siege ProvinceId
Any siege in the province is won the next day.

kill CharacterId
The character dies.

play CharacterId
Switch to play the character instead of your current character.

subjugate CharacterId
If you're a clan leader and the character is a clan leader, his clan becomes a vassal of your.

If your clan is a vassal of another clan, your clan becomes independent.

event eventId CharacterId/ProvinceId
Spawns the event with the character or province as target, depending on the type of event.

reload events
Reloads the event database. Does not clear flags or such. Not guaranteed to work in all cases.

debug events & debug dumpevents
debug events starts to count all events being triggered for the rest of the session, debug dumpevents writes the number of times each event has been triggered to the game.log
Useful for making sure that events fire as much as you want them to over the course of a longer game.

debug keepautosave
All autosaves are saved with their date instead of as autosave and oldautosave. Beware that this quickly can use up your disc space.

debug spectator
The ai takes control of your current character and you stop playing as a character. Useful for playing hands off games. Note that it is not possible to use the play command to start playing as a character from spectator mode, if you want to start playing you have to resign and load a save.

debug alldiplo
The ai accepts a diplomatic offers.

debug ninja
The player will get all ninja clans as they become available.

debug plots
All plots get visible in the character browser.

debug nomouse
The camera stops scrolling from having the mouse near the edge of the screen.

debug nogui
The gui stops rendering (great for taking screenshots). Note that this includes the console, to get back you have to use debug nogui again (the console will still take input in nogui). Up arrow brings up the last command used.

debug id
Province and character id:s are shown in their respective tool tips. This is crucial when trying to use the commands that require province and character id:s.

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