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Feb 3, 2016
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See the screenshot. Apparently, Full Cover does not provide cover in certain situations even when the LoS/damage preview displays the unit behind full cover. Full Cover does not even provide half cover in such situations; it provides none at all. And evidently, in the same setup, swapping full for half cover, half cover would provide half cover. I've been informed that this is because half cover blocks more of the unit than full cover. These mechanics should be changed so that they are consistent with each other and with the LoS/damage preview.

Bonus: given how important cover is in the game, we should be able to tell via the press of a button whether a particular hex is in cover from any arbitrary hex. Surely this information is already built into the game; it is tactically important to be able to access it. Thanks for considering.


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Jul 23, 2020
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Seconding, definitely. What's the point of cover strategy as a major mechanic, if it's not consistent or truthfully conveyed to the player? No wonder I keep getting blown away despite being behind what should be full cover, I thought it was just strangely chronic bad luck, wow!