Conquer $PROVINCENAME$ Mission, Bugged Cultural Condition?

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Apr 24, 2011
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I've been trying to understand how the cited mission works, and understanding the cultural condition has been eluding me so far.

Citing the wiki, the condition should be:
The target province:
  • is in the same culture group as this country.
The corresponding game's file code (found at "conquer_neighbour" under "Conquest.txt"):
    type = neighbor_provinces 

    allow = {
        culture_group = THIS
However, from in-game behavior I can't see the wiki description to be correct, and from in-game observations I cannot hypothesize what the game code intends to do, because the mission seems assignable no matter what your or your target's state culture is, and no matter what the province culture of your/their neighboring provinces is whether abstractly or relative to state cultures. The behavior is pretty much the same as if the line was commented out.

Hopefully someone has a clue about this.

- KitCat.