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Mar 19, 2018
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Well, I want to make an AAR for my first CK3 game. This is that AAR. It will be a mix of Narrative and Historybook styles.

Anyway, I'm allowing you, my readers, to choose where I'm playing.
The options are:
a) Kiev in 867 - Keep Rurik from the city and build an empire
b) Jorvik in 867 - Build a nation of Vikings in England
c) the Angevins in 1066 - Attempt to create a Franco-English Empire through war and marriage
d) the Carolingians in 1066 - Attempt to survive, and, perhaps, in due time, restore Carolingian glory.

Semi-interactivity approved by Qorten. Voting ends on September 19th.
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Option d
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Option B :)
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Hmm, the vote seems to be between B and D...

Nice to see so much support!
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Casting my vote for D as well.

D if you promess to keep partition inheritence during the entire AAR, otherwise I shall be forced to dislike every single chapter for heresy against the Carolingians.
I can only support that ;) .
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Well, it looks like D has a solid lead, but I wouldn't count B out yet...

Voting ends in two days!
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It is September 19, so voting has ended.

Option D won with 9 votes. As such, this AAR will be about the Carolingians of Vermandois attempting to restore their glory!

Also, per popular opinion, gavelkind/partition inheritance is staying.

Option B got 6 votes, if you were wondering...

The first update should be up soon!
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