Concurrent crashes, now stuck and can't continue in multiplayer game

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Sep 13, 2023
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I am annoyed but Ill keep this as constructive as possible.

We are having a really nice multiplayer game (no mods). But we are experiencing multiple crashes & need to revert per, evening.
Now hell broke lose. Partner used a teleporter, his units have move points but he can't move them. So we are just stuck. Reverting does not help either. Can someone look into this?

I have the feeling little effort is being done to eleviate the crashes. we are about to quit the game because it is unplayable to play together.. Please help.

Kind regards
Hi Leamese, sorry to hear you've been having these issues. If you experience crashes please include the name of the Crash Dump that appears in the Upload bar in your report. That way we can investigate what is causing the crash.

Regarding Teleporters, using one removes all remaining Move Points for that turn so if the Teleporter was used this turn it is expected that the Army can no longer move.