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This has been a long time coming. As many of you (might) know; there is currently a 20 image per hour rule in place across AARland. This rule has, for a while, been rather lightly enforced. So we've decided to reconsider it.

Before I say what has changed I want you to understand our thinking. The rule original was 20 images per post. But we were having issues with people just posting three or four times an hour so we tried to step it up. Back then bandwidth was smaller, the internet slower, and I walked to school uphill both ways in hurricane-force snow storms. Times have changed, but we have new issues and the such. First is mobile devices, which can be slowed down by too many images and they also go more quickly through data plans.

We decided in the end to relax the rule. So here is how it is going to work. We are going to get rid of it. However, we strongly suggest that you keep it to 100 images per page of 25 posts. We feel this is very reasonable as it implies 20 images a post for 5 posts with some serious discussion in between. Limiting the number of images helps as staff see if any more serious rules have been broken (such as posting naughty pictures), but you as users should also consider your readers who do so from mobile devices. I believe the forum has a hard-coded limit of 30 images per post, but none of us have tested this and I ask that you don't either.

I hope this works for everyone! PM me with any questions or suggestions, my ears are open.
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