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May 30, 2018
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Hi all ,

I really like the idea of Criminal Syndicates and i know many of you do like them too. But compared to a normal corp are they actually much weaker and often frustrating to play. The biggest problems i identified are on one side that it's impossible to keep crime above zero and on the other side the shut down mechanic for BO's. of course there are other problems to balance, like the energy output depending on actual planet crime and so on. But that isn't what actually make me to stop playing them.

The the most important upgrade would be a increase of crime for all BO buildings. The minimum value should be 50. Actually the first building you are forced in is always a smuggler port because it's the only one with 50. That is somewhat annoying. This should be a baseline change to make all buildings at least in case of crime equal.

The second addition should be a option to save your BO's in case of a possible shutdown. The minimum should be to pay some credits to save the office for another five years. But that maybe a bit boring and only borrowed time. A really good solution would be in case of a near shutdown to make a bribery selectable to the local police or the governor. The governor would get the corrupt trait (of course a righteous governor wouldn't accept that bribery ;)) and the BO is save for some years. A bribery to the police would give another planet modifier i.e. that incenses crime to a certain level, saving the BO this time and increase the credit output for some years.

This are the baseline changes i would like to see and make criminal Syndicates at least possible and somewhat fun to play. Now the advanced options:

The first things i thought about are parallel Branch offices. In normal case, any planet can only have one BO at a time and the planet owner know who is in charge of that one. A good option would be to make a second tab for criminal BO's only. A syndicate that opens up here is invisible to the target empire until enough intel is gathered about the syndicate. That would of course sometimes lead to a witchhunt (what sounds incredibly fun to me). A criminal branch office cannot be targeted for shut down until the empire is correctly identified. In addition, the criminal branch office get some cover if a regular corp is established and steal some credits from their BO. This would give crim corps some real edge and...is fun to play!

This mechanics could be enhanced with a ascension perk. Regular corps have one with universal transactions. The AP could reduce branch office establish and buildings cost as baseline and increse the generated crime value that is baseline for any office. In addition it could unlock some crime generation espionage operations. One operation could be an increase in crime on a target planet with a criminal BO for a certain time. Another one could demolish precingt houses and so on. Syndicates have a natural edge in Espionage. it would be nice to make use of it.

This in combination would make Syndikates really fun to play and very unique. I really would like to see this or a similar improvement.
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