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Aug 28, 2008
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Napoleon's Legacy, a concept for a mod.

The year is 1936. The last great war was known as Napoleon's War during 18th and 19th century. Since then, no major world conflict occured. But this will change soon.
Europe is divided into 3 spheres. To the West there are two world super powers, French Empire and British Empire. Both imperialistic, both having a lot of oversea possesions and both very eager to attack each other and drag rest of the world into bloodbath.
In the Middle there are several major and minor powers having their own affairs and claiming small lands from each other such as Poland, Austrian Empire, Sweden and Imperial Germany.
To the East there is vast Russian land divided by frequent russian civil wars. Imperial Russia to the north wants to rule all of Russias, Soviet Russia in the centre wants to lead Red Revolution throughout the world while Cossack/Tatar Russian to the south wants to stay independent.
Then there is Siberia. A prize for the winner of final Russian Civil War, but "someone" far in the East also keeps an eye for resourceful siberian steppes.
Japan Empire, a regional superpower, prepares to conquer her Asian neighbours. Fragile Republic of China is first on Japan's hitlist. Will united under one banner chinese states prevail or fall to the Rising Sun? Will two world superpowers, France and Britain, aid China or side with Japan?
In Middle-East, war is near. Growing Persian Empire wants to rule all Arabian lands, while once a super power, now only a shadow of its former glory, Ottoman Empire tries to prevail and take back it's european lands.
In Africa however, the situation is simple. Everything is already conquered and colonised. Almost everything. The only independent nation in Africa is Ethiopia. Will Ethiopian example ignite african spring of nations?
There is one place where war is present already. In South America Argentina and Brasil are fighting with each other and conquering their weaker neighbours. The last two neutral states are Venezuela and Peru. They need to choose sides and they need to do it fast, otherwise they will be anly a footnote in history.
Finally there is North America. American Civil War ended in stalemate. Both USA and CSA, exausted by war, expanded to the west, only to find a new player on american field. Pacific States of America or PSA created their own country, their own democracy, their own "heaven" and they will defend it, no matter the cost!

World map:

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0. Switzerland
1. French Empire
2. British Empire
3. Spain
4. Portugal
5. Kindom of Italy
6. Kingdom of Naples
7. Rhineland Federation
8. Netherlands
9. Union of Danemark and Norway
10. Sweden
11. Finland
12. Imperial Germany
13. Austrian Empire
14. Poland
15. Silesia
16. Prussia
17. Courland
18. Union of Moldavia and Romania
19. Croatia
20. Great Serbia
21. Bulgaria
22. Greece
23. Ukraine
24. Imperial Russia
25. Soviet Russia
26. Cossack/Tatar Russia
27. Siberia
28. Ottoman Empire
29. Arabia
30. Persian empire
31. Alash Orda
32. Mongolia
33. Republic of China
34. Tibet
35. Nepal
36. Bhutan
37. Siam
38. Philippines
39. Ethiopia
40. Japan Empire
41. Canada
42. United States of America
43. Confederate States of America
44. Pacific States of America
45. Mexico
46. Centroamerica
47. Venezuela
48. Peru
49. Brasil
50. Argentina
Warning: I'm not a modder, I've only come up with this idea, so if there is someone who would like to work on this mod, feel free to do it and contact me by posting here or by PM.

There could be more countries like Egipt or India, everything is up for discussion. Also the name of some countries could be changed like Cossack/Tatar Russia.

The name of the mod could be changed (I couldn't come up with anything better, any ideas? And yes, I know there is a mod similiar in name but only in name :) ).

I will write timeline in next post (I have it in my head but need to write it down).

Blank world map made by NedimNapoleon link
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