Completed Rightful Christian KA1 playthrough, considering KAII

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Dec 3, 2002
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Hi guys,

so I completed my playthrough as a rightful christian, and for those of you who know how that storyline ends, does KAII / Fallen Champions create a disconnect with this ending?
Spoiler: (I'd guess so, since in this playthrough you've fought and captured Merlin, closed the gates to Tir-Na-Nog and destroyed the Sidhe courts and Bedegraine Forest)

I don't want to start playing and and suddenly have my playthrough nullified. Which means I might have to do another playthrough of KA I which matches with KA II, but I don't have the energy to do it as other games are calling!

Another question is what's different in KA II from KA I to make it receive such poor review scores compared to KA I ? Has something been messed up, or has KA II mostly been reviewed by people who didn't review KA I? Can you point me to a review from a reviewer who's reviewed both games? KA I did end up being a bit of a slog at the end, but the initial conquering of southern Britannia was fun, of course.

Have the patches significantly improved the game?



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Mar 28, 2014
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I know this reply is extremely late to the topic but the in regards to your question, to some the game was "dumbed down". Research and city building are VERY basic, compared to the original which was fantastic and the alliance system is quite useless because most factions can and are ignored mostly from a story point of view.

The story follows from a mostly christian canon story with some edits for the old faith, in particular to Merlin's actions for Christians and old faith believers to make the subplot of finding Merlin better.

In my opinion people were too harsh on the game. Story is fantastic, the choose your own adventure parts are back, improved and better than ever and the combat is decent (despite the OP archers and mythological creatures). Just a quick FYI the end level is a slog but nowhere near as bad as KA 1.

I never saw or read a review for the game that affected my purchase as it was a instant buy for me because of the first game and I feel that it was worth it generally, the game's flaws are exaggerated. If your still cautious get the game in a sale.