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Dec 29, 2002
Here is the complete and absolute tag (not Cxxx tags) list for v1.03a

Unless paradox is trying to purposely mislead players or misuse tags, there is still well over two dozen bugs relate to tags in the game. Whether these are wrong attributes set on the tags (Hard coded) or wrong data in the scenario set-up, is a guess. It can swing both ways in some cases.

Either way this is what they are, regardless what your scenarios says.

423 tags

160 	true Kingdom tags
40	claimable Kingdoms in-game
120	none claimable kingdoms
263 	true Duchy tags
259 	claimable duchy in-game
4 	none claimable duchy

Tags		Name			New in v1.03a	Attributes (as of v1.03a)	Claimable in game
ABBA		Abbasid						Kingdom			No
ABKH		Abkhazia					Kingdom			No
ABYD		Abydos						Duchy			Yes
ACHA		Achaia						Kingdom			No
ADRI		Adrianopolis					Duchy			Yes
AEGE		Aegean Islands					Duchy			Yes
AKAB		Akaba						Duchy			Yes
AKER		Akershus					Duchy			Yes
ALAN		Alania						Duchy			Yes
ALEP		Aleppo						Kingdom			Yes
ALEX		Alexandria					Duchy			Yes
ALGA		Algarve			Yes			Duchy			Yes
ALGE		Alger						Duchy			Yes
ALHA		Al Hasa						Duchy			Yes
ALJA		Al Jazira					Duchy			Yes
ALME		Almeria						Duchy			Yes
ALMO		Almohad						Kingdom			No
ANJO		Anjou						Duchy			Yes
ANTI		Antioch						Duchy			Yes
APUL		Apulia						Duchy			Yes
ARAB		Arabia						Kingdom			Yes
ARAG		Aragon						Kingdom			Yes
ARGY		Argyll						Duchy			Yes
ARMA		Armagnac					Duchy			Yes
ARME		Armenia						Duchy			Yes
ARMI		Armenia Minor					Duchy			Yes
ARTO		Artois						Duchy			Yes
ASCA		Ascalon						Duchy			Yes
ASSA		Assassin					Kingdom			No
ASTU		Asturias					Duchy			Yes
ASWA		Aswan						Duchy			Yes
ATHO		Atholl						Duchy			Yes
ATRI		Triers						Duchy			No
AUVE		Auvergne					Duchy			Yes
AYDI		Aydin						Kingdom			No
AYYU		Ayyubid						Kingdom			No
AZER		Azerbaijan					Duchy			Yes
AZOV		Azov						Duchy			Yes
BADA		Badajoz						Duchy			Yes
BAGH		Baghdad						Duchy			Yes
BALE		Balearic					Kingdom			No
BASR		Basra						Kingdom			Yes
BAVA		Bavaria						Duchy			Yes
BELG		Belgrade					Duchy			Yes
BELO		Beloozero					Duchy			Yes
BENE		Benevento					Duchy			Yes
BENI		Beni Helal					Kingdom			No
BERG		Bergen						Duchy			Yes
BERS		Bergslagen					Duchy			Yes
BERW		Berwick						Duchy			Yes
BJAR		Bjarmia						Duchy			Yes
BOHE		Bohemia						Kingdom			Yes
BOLG		Bolgar						Kingdom			Yes
BORD		Bordeaux					Duchy			Yes
BOSN		Bosnia						Duchy			Yes
BOUG		Bourgogne					Duchy			Yes
BOUR		Bourbon						Duchy			Yes
BRAB		Brabant						Duchy			Yes
BRAG		Braganza					Duchy			Yes
BRAN		Brandenburg					Duchy			Yes
BRIT		Brittany					Duchy			Yes
BUKH		Bukhara						Kingdom			No
BULG		Bulgaria					Kingdom			Yes
BURG		Burgundy					Kingdom			Yes
BUTR		Butrinto					Duchy			Yes
BYZA		Byzantium					Kingdom			Yes
CAIR		Cairo						Duchy			Yes
CALA		Calabria					Duchy			Yes
CAMP		Campania					Duchy			Yes
CAND		Candar						Kingdom			No
CAST		Castille					Kingdom			Yes
CATA		Catalonia					Duchy			Yes
CHAL		Chaldea						Duchy			Yes
CHAM		Champagne					Duchy			Yes
CHEE		Cheremisa					Duchy			Yes
CHER		Cherson						Duchy			Yes
CILI		Cilicia						Kingdom			No
COIM		Coimbra						Duchy			Yes
CONN		Connacht					Duchy			Yes
CONS		Constantine					Duchy			Yes
CORD		Cordoba						Duchy			Yes
CORN		Cornwall					Duchy			Yes
COUR		Courland					Duchy			Yes
CRIM		Crimea						Duchy			Yes
CROA		Croatia						Kingdom			Yes
CUMA		Cuman						Kingdom			Yes
CUMB		Cumberland					Duchy			Yes
CURO		Curonian					Kingdom			No
CYPR		Cyprus						Duchy			Yes
CYRE		Cyrenaica					Duchy			Yes
DAMA		Damascus					Duchy			Yes
DAMI		Damietta					Duchy			Yes
DAUP		Dauphine					Duchy			Yes
DBAS		Basra						Duchy			Yes
DBOH		Bohemia						Duchy			Yes
DCAS		Castilla		Yes			Duchy			Yes
DCRO		Croatia						Duchy			Yes
DEHE		Deheubarth					Duchy			Yes
DENM		Denmark						Kingdom			Yes
DERB		Derbent						Duchy			No
DFRA		Francia			Yes			Duchy			Yes
DGEO		Georgia						Duchy			Yes
DMES		Mesopotamia					Duchy			Yes
DNAV		Navarra						Duchy			Yes
DONA		Don						Duchy			Yes
DORO		Dorostotum					Duchy			Yes
DSER		Serbia						Duchy			Yes
DSYR		Syria						Duchy			Yes
DTUN		Tunis						Duchy			Yes
DYRR		Dyrrachion					Duchy			Yes
EDES		Edessa						Duchy			Yes
EGYP		Egypt						Kingdom			Yes
ELRI		El Rif						Duchy			Yes
ENGL		England						Kingdom			Yes
ERET		Eretnid						Kingdom			No
ERZE		Erzerum						Kingdom			No
ESAM		Eastern Sames					Kingdom			No
ESFA		Esfahan						Duchy			Yes
ESSX		Essex			Yes			Duchy			Yes
ESTH		Esthonia					Duchy			Yes
ESTS		Estonia						Kingdom			No
EUPH		Euphrates					Duchy			Yes
FARO		Färoya						Kingdom			No
FATI		Fatimids					Kingdom			No
FESA		Fes						Duchy			Yes
FINL		Finland						Duchy			Yes
FLAN		Flanders					Duchy			Yes
FRAC		Franconia					Duchy			Yes
FRAN		France						Kingdom			Yes
FRIE		Friesland					Duchy			Yes
GALA		Galatia						Duchy			Yes
GALC		Galicia						Duchy			Yes
GALE		Galilee						Duchy			Yes
GALI		Galich						Duchy			Yes
GALL		Galloway					Duchy			Yes
GENO		Genoa						Duchy			Yes
GEOR		Georgia						Kingdom			Yes
GERI		Germiyan					Kingdom			No
GERM		Germany						Kingdom			Yes
GILA		Gilan						Kingdom			No
GLOU		Gloucester					Duchy			Yes
GOLD		Golden Horde					Kingdom			No
GOTL		Gotland						Duchy			Yes
GPOL		Great Poland					Kingdom			No
GRAN		Granada						Kingdom			No
GWYN		Gwynedd						Duchy			Yes
HAIN		Hainaut						Duchy			Yes
HAMM		Hammadid					Kingdom			No
HAMP		Hampshire					Duchy			Yes
HELL		Hellas						Duchy			Yes
HLYN		Hlynov						Duchy			Yes
HOLS		Holstein					Duchy			Yes
HOMS		Homs						Duchy			Yes
HORM		Hormuz						Duchy			Yes
HOSP		Hospitaliers Order				Kingdom			No
HREE		Holy Roman Empire				Kingdom			No
HUNG		Hungary						Kingdom			Yes
ICEL		Iceland						Duchy			Yes
IKON		Ikonion						Duchy			Yes
ILKH		Il-Khanat					Kingdom			No
IMER		Imeretia					Duchy			Yes
INGE		Ingers						Kingdom			No
IREL		Ireland						Kingdom			Yes
ISTR		Istria						Duchy			Yes
ITAL		Italy						Kingdom			Yes
JAMT		Jämtland					Duchy			Yes
JERU		Jerusalem					Kingdom			Yes
KAFS		Kafsid						Kingdom			No
KAIR		Kairouan					Duchy			Yes
KAJA		Kajanborg					Kingdom			No
KAPP		Kappadokia					Duchy			Yes
KARA		Kara-Kum					Duchy			Yes
KARB		Karbala						Duchy			Yes
KARE		Karelia						Duchy			Yes
KARM		Karaman						Kingdom			No
KARN		Kärnten						Duchy			Yes
KASS		Kassogs						Kingdom			No
KEXH		Kexholm						Kingdom			No
KHAZ		Khazars						Kingdom			No
KHWA		Khwarizm					Duchy			Yes
KIEV		Kiev						Duchy			Yes
KIRK		Kirkuk						Kingdom			No
KOLA		Kola						Kingdom			No
KRAI		Krain						Duchy			Yes
KRAK		Krakow						Duchy			Yes
KRET		Krete						Duchy			Yes
LANC		Lancaster					Duchy			Yes
LANG		Languedoc					Duchy			Yes
LAOD		Laodikeia 					Duchy			Yes
LEIN		Leinster					Duchy			Yes
LEMA		Leptis Magna					Duchy			Yes
LEON		León						Kingdom			Yes
LETT		Lettigalians					Kingdom			No
LITH		Lithuania					Kingdom			Yes
LITT		Lithuanians					Kingdom			No
LIVO		Livonia						Duchy			Yes
LOLO		Lower Lorraine					Duchy			Yes
LOMB		Lombardy					Kingdom			No
LOTH		Lothian						Duchy			Yes
LPOL		Little Poland					Kingdom			No
LURI		Luristan					Duchy			Yes
LUTA		Lut						Duchy			Yes
LUXE		Luxembourg					Duchy			Yes
LYKI		Lykia						Duchy			Yes
MADA		Madaba						Duchy			Yes
MALE		Aleppo						Kingdom			No
MALL		Mallorca					Duchy			Yes
MAML		Mamluk						Kingdom			No
MAMM		Amman						Kingdom			No
MANN		Man						Kingdom			No
MARA		Mar						Duchy			Yes
MARB		Arabs						Kingdom			No
MARC		Marches						Duchy			Yes
MARI		Marinid						Kingdom			No
MARR		Marrakech					Duchy			Yes
MAUR		Mauretania		Yes			Kingdom			Yes
MAZA		Mazandaran					Duchy			Yes
MAZO		Mazovia						Duchy			Yes
MBAG		Baghdad						Kingdom			No
MDAM		Damascus					Kingdom			No
MEAT		Meath						Duchy			Yes
MECK		Mecklemburg					Duchy			Yes
MEDE		Edessa						Kingdom			No
MEDI		Medina						Duchy			Yes
MEIS		Meissen						Duchy			Yes
MELA		El-Arish					Kingdom			No
MENT		Mentese						Kingdom			No
MESO		Mesopotamia					Kingdom			Yes
MILA		Milano						Duchy			Yes
MINS		Minsk						Kingdom			No
MJER		Jerusalem 					Kingdom			No
MKHW		Khwarizmian					Kingdom			No
MMAZ		Mazandaran					Kingdom			No
MMED		Medina						Kingdom			No
MMOS		Mosul						Kingdom			No
MOLD		Moldau						Duchy			Yes
MORA		Moravia						Duchy			Yes
MORD		Mordvins					Kingdom			No
MORO		Morocco			Yes			Duchy			Yes
MOSC		Moscow						Kingdom			No
MOSK		Moskva						Duchy			Yes
MSIS		Sistan						Kingdom			No
MTRI		Tripoli						Kingdom			No
MUNS		Munster						Duchy			Yes
MURA		al-Murabitids					Kingdom			No
MURC		Murcia			Yes			Duchy			Yes
MURO		Murom-Ryazan					Kingdom			No
NAFR		North Africa					Kingdom			Yes
NAPL		Naples						Kingdom			Yes
NAVA		Navarra						Kingdom			Yes
NIKA		Nikaea						Duchy			Yes
NIKO		Nikomedeia					Duchy			Yes
NONE		[no name]					Kingdom			No
NORF		Norfolk						Duchy			Yes
NORM		Normandy					Duchy			Yes
NORR		Norrland					Duchy			Yes
NORW		Norway						Kingdom			Yes
NOSE		Novgorod-Severesk				Kingdom			No
NOVG		Novgorod					Duchy			Yes
NUBI		Nubia						Kingdom			No
ORKN		Orkney						Duchy			Yes
ORLE		Orleans						Duchy			Yes
OSTE		Österreich					Duchy			Yes
OSTR		Östergötland					Duchy			Yes
OTTO		Ottoman						Kingdom			No
OULT		Oultrejourdain					Duchy			Yes
OXFO		Oxford						Duchy			Yes
PALE		Palestine		Yes			Duchy			Yes
PALM		Palmyra						Duchy			Yes
PAPA		Papal State					Kingdom			No
PECH		Pechenegs					Kingdom			No
PECS		Pecs						Duchy			Yes
PELO		Peloponnesos					Duchy			Yes
PERE		Pereyaslavl					Duchy			Yes
PERS		Persia						Kingdom			Yes
PEST		Pest						Duchy			Yes
PETR		Petra						Duchy			Yes
PICA		Picardy						Duchy			Yes
PISA		Pisa						Kingdom			No
PODL		Podlasia					Duchy			Yes
POIT		Poitou						Duchy			Yes
POLA		Poland						Kingdom			Yes
POLO		Polotsk						Duchy			Yes
POLV		Polovtsians					Kingdom			No
POMM		Pommerania					Duchy			Yes
PORT		Portugal					Kingdom			Yes
PRES		Pressburg					Duchy			Yes
PRON		Pronsk						Duchy			Yes
PROV		Provence					Duchy			Yes
PRUS		Prussia						Duchy			Yes
PRUT		Pruthenians					Kingdom			No
PSKO		Pskov						Duchy			Yes
QARA		Qarakhnid					Kingdom			No
QOMA		Qom						Duchy			Yes
REBE		Rebels						Kingdom			No
ROMA		Romagna						Duchy			Yes
ROST		Rostov						Duchy			Yes
RUMS		Rum						Kingdom			No
RUSS		Rus						Kingdom			Yes
RYAZ		Ryazan						Duchy			Yes
SALA		Salamanca					Duchy			Yes
SALI		Salisbury					Duchy			Yes
SAME		Sames						Kingdom			No
SAMO		Samogitia					Duchy			Yes
SAMS		Samos			Yes			Duchy			Yes
SAND 		Sandomiersk					Duchy			Yes
SARD		Sardinia					Duchy			Yes
SARU		Saruhan						Kingdom			No
SATA		Satakunta					Kingdom			No
SAVO		Savoie						Duchy			Yes
SAXO		Saxony						Duchy			Yes
SCHW		Schweiz						Duchy			Yes
SCOT		Scotland					Kingdom			Yes
SELJ		Seljuk Turks					Kingdom			No
SERB		Serbia						Kingdom			Yes
SEVI		Sevilla						Duchy			Yes
SGAL		Spanish Galicia					Kingdom			No
SHIR		Shiraz						Duchy			Yes
SICI		Sicily						Duchy			Yes
SILE		Silesia						Duchy			Yes
SINA		Sinai						Duchy			Yes
SINO		Sinope						Duchy			Yes
SJAE		Sjælland		Yes			Duchy			Yes
SKAN		Skåne						Duchy			Yes
SLAV		Slavonia		Yes			Duchy			Yes
SLOV		Slovakia					Duchy			Yes
SMAL		Småland						Duchy			Yes
SMOL		Smolensk					Duchy			Yes
SOUM		Soumi						Kingdom			No
SPMA		Spanish Marche					Duchy			Yes
SPOL		Spoleto						Duchy			Yes
STEI		Steiermark					Duchy			Yes
STRA		Strathclyde					Duchy			Yes
STRY		Strymon						Duchy			Yes
SUSS		Sussex						Duchy			Yes
SUZD		Suzdal						Duchy			Yes
SVIG		Slesvig			Yes			Duchy			Yes
SWAB		Swabia						Duchy			Yes
SWED		Sweden						Kingdom			Yes
SWIS		Swiss						Kingdom			No
SYRI		Syria						Kingdom			Yes
SZEK		Szekezfehervar					Duchy			Yes
TABR		Tabriz						Duchy			Yes
TANG		Tangiers					Duchy			Yes
TAVA		Tavasts						Kingdom			No
TEJO		Tejo			Yes			Duchy			Yes
TEKK		Tekke						Kingdom			No
TEME		Temes						Duchy			Yes
TEMP		Templar Order					Kingdom			No
TEUT		Teutonic Order					Kingdom			No
THES		Thessalonika					Duchy			Yes
THRA		Thrace			Yes			Duchy			Yes
THUR		Thuringia					Duchy			Yes
TIGR		Tigris						Duchy			Yes
TIRO		Tirol						Duchy			Yes
TOLE		Toledo			Yes			Duchy			Yes
TORK		Torki						Duchy			Yes
TOSC		Toscana						Duchy			Yes
TOUL		Toulouse					Duchy			Yes
TRAN		Transoxania					Kingdom			No
TRAP		Trapezous					Duchy			Yes
TREB		Trebizond					Kingdom			No
TRIP		Tripoli						Duchy			Yes
TRON		Trøndelag					Duchy			Yes
TUNI		Tunisia						Kingdom			Yes
TURK		Turkmens					Duchy			No
TURO		Turov						Duchy			Yes
TVER		Tver						Duchy			Yes
TYRE		Tyre			Yes			Duchy			Yes
U000		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U001		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U002		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U003		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U004		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U005		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U006		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U007		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U008		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U009		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U010		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U011		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U012		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U013		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U014		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U015		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U016		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U017		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U018		[no name]					Kingdom			No
U019		[no name]					Kingdom			No
UGRI		Ugric						Duchy			No
ULST		Ulster						Duchy			Yes
UPLO		Upper Lorraine					Duchy			Yes
UPPL		Uppland						Duchy			Yes
URAL		Ural						Duchy			Yes
USEZ		Usez						Kingdom			No
VALE		Valencia					Duchy			Yes
VARN		Varna						Duchy			Yes
VAST		Västergötland					Duchy			Yes
VENE		Veneto						Duchy			Yes
VENI		Venice						Kingdom			No
VERO		Verona						Duchy			Yes
VIDI		Vidin						Duchy			Yes
VISE		Viseu						Duchy			Yes
VLAC		Vlachs						Kingdom			No
VLAD		Vladimir					Duchy			Yes
VOLG		Volga						Duchy			Yes
VOLH		Volhynia					Kingdom			No
VOTE		Votes						Kingdom			No
WALE		Wales						Kingdom			Yes
WALL		Wallachia					Duchy			Yes
WARW		Warwick						Duchy			Yes
WEIS		Western Isles					Duchy			Yes
WIEL		Wielkopolska					Duchy			Yes
WSAM		Western Sames					Kingdom			No
YARO		Yaroslavl					Duchy			Yes
YATV		Yatviags					Kingdom			No
YORK		York						Duchy			Yes
ZARA		Zaragoza					Duchy			Yes
ZARB		Zara						Duchy			Yes
ZEMI		Zemigalians					Kingdom			No
ZENA		Zenata						Kingdom			No
ZIRI		Zirid						Kingdom			No
ZIYA		Ziyanids					Kingdom			No


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Mar 7, 2001
To that, open up Province.csv and add the tag into the relevant provinces #duchy or #kingdom setting. Some are unclaimable in vanilla because no province is assigned to them.

So, to make 'Spanish Galicia' claimable, change




and do the same for any other provinces needed.


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Mar 3, 2001
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Instead of "claimable" you should say "createable" or something. You can still becoming King of Venice, for example, if you have enough prestige to grab the title while it still exists and then force the existing King to acknowledge your claim in a war. You just can't create it if Venice gets captured and eliminated without anyone claiming the crown.

I think it is theoretically possible to get some of the pagan crowns as well... you can't claim them, of course, but if somehow one of their daughters defected to your court and you married her, and killed the other male heirs, your son might get the crown through semisalic inheritance.